Biochemistry (B.S.)

Biochemistry examines the relationship of chemistry to living organisms. Today, biochemists are in high demand; modern healthcare relies on their discoveries to treat patients with ever-improving medicines.

Students in the biochemistry program explore the structure and function of cellular components–proteins, lipids and other biomolecules. Trinity’s experienced biochemistry professors explain techniques for studying these molecules, such as chromatography and electron microscopy. Through hands-on experiments, students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success in fields where women are still underrepresented, including genetics, molecular biology, agriculture and medicine.

Students study biochemistry at Trinity as a major, minor, or as elective courses.

Why Study Biochemistry (B.S.)

The high demand for biochemists means excellent job prospects for graduates in the field.  Biochemists are employed by pharmaceutical, biotech and medical industries to develop new medicines and research the causes of disease. They also work in agriculture, developing pest-resistant crops and other technologies. Many biochemists work for the government or in education as well.

Biochemistry (B.S.) Careers & Internships


  • Food biochemist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Art Conservation Specialist
  • Health Administrator
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Technical Writer
  • Medical Illustrator
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Medical Physicist

Recent Internships

  • Georgetown University Medical Center
  • Lockheed Martin
  •  NASA
  • Clean Water Action
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