About Trinity


Trinity Washington University is a private university located in Washington, DC that offers an array of degree programs for men and women at both the graduate and undergraduate level. So what sets Trinity apart?

Proven Track Record

What do the following people have in common?

They are just a handful of the many Trinity graduates that credit the university with providing the liberal arts background that helped them become leaders in their various career fields.

Helping Students Pursue Their Dreams

Trinity’s lushly-wooded campus in the nation’s capital bustles with life as the university’s 2,000 students pursue their degrees. Each Trinity student—man or woman, graduate or undergraduate—has the advantage of learning in small classes, allowing them to really connect with their professors and classmates, and enrich their education.

The university offers multiple degree programs that are designed with students’ needs in mind. Trinity students come from all walks of life.

Trinity was named “Best Value” among Washington, DC universities by Fox 5 News.


Since the class of 1904, Trinity has prepared its students to become leaders of character, passionate intellectuals excited about their future.

Always welcoming to people of all faiths, Trinity was founded as a Catholic women’s college by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1897. These nuns believed that women should have the same opportunity to experience the empowerment of higher education at a time when many schools only accepted men.

While remaining true to its original mission, Trinity began accepting men into its evening and weekend programs during the 1960s.

Today’s students, participate in many unique traditions that root their academic experience in a culture unique to Trinity. For instance, each graduating class is given a color, either red (like the class of 1904), green, blue, or yellow. Throughout the year, flags, banners, and even students bedecked in one of these hues, demonstrate class pride and a sense of togetherness.

Location and Campus

Less than 3 miles from the US Capitol, Trinity’s location offers convenient access to  excellent internships, museums, and a vibrant city life. Trinity is accessible via Metrorail, and provides a free shuttle every 20 minutes between campus and the Brookland Metro stop on the red line.

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences are encouraged to live on-campus in one of Trinity’s four dorms, allowing them to participate more easily in student groups, sports, and group study sessions.

Whether or not they live on campus, all Trinity students have free access to the $20 million state-of-the-art athletic and recreational center at the heart of campus: the Trinity Center for Women and Girls in Sports.

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