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Academic Services Center | Student Guide

Student Guide to Testing Services

Hours of Operation

The office of Academic Services is open from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm, Monday – Friday, and by appointment on Saturday. The use of Testing Services is by appointment only – please make arrangements with your professor/instructor first. Then, contact the Center to arrange a date and time to take the exam.

General Information

Students may take make-up, re-take, and special-circumstances tests in the Academic Services Center in 103 Library.  You may take advantage of our services if you miss a mid-term, final, or other important test in the course of the semester if permitted by your professor/instructor. Students with documented disabilities and special testing accommodations (i.e. extended time or a quiet location) may also arrange to take their exams in the Center. Arrive early to take your test and present your Trinity photo identification when requested.

Please note: If you have documented disabilities, your exams will be administered by Disability Student Services  (202-884-9358) in 103 Library.

The staff in Academic Services cannot accept homework assignments or special projects; check the professor’s policies for details about submitting your assignments or use the Red Box.

Procedures: Information Provided by Your Professor

Your professor will submit the test to our office.  It is your responsibility to contact your professor if you have any questions regarding the test(s) you will be taking in Academic Services, e.g., the dates you may take the test, the amount of time you will be allowed, and/or the aids (notes, textbook, scratch paper, calculator, dictionary, etc.,) you should bring. If you are unable to reach your professor, please contact Academic Services for assistance.

Once your professor has submitted an Academic Test Request Form providing details about your test, the staff in Academic Services will adhere strictly to your professor’s written instructions. They cannot administer tests on unauthorized days, allow the use of unauthorized aids, or grant extra testing time unless specified by appropriate documentation for students with disabilities.

Procedures: Trinity’s Honor Code

The office of Academic Services adheres to Trinity’s Academic Honor Code  and students are expected to follow the Honor Code guidelines as described in the Code of Conduct for Students.

Retrieval of Academic Tests

The staff in Academic Services will maintain the strictest security and confidentiality of your records.  Following the test, the staff will collect the test materials and return them directly to the professor/instructor based on the agreement made with her/him.

Please make arrangements to meet with your professor/instructor to follow-up after you have completed the test in Academic Services.

For more information, contact the Academic Services Center by phone at 202-884-9360 or visit us on the Library's 1st floor.



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