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Academic Services Center | Accuplacer Remote Testing

Guidelines for Remote ACCUPLACER® Testing

NOTE: these instructions only apply to students enrolling at Trinity. Typically, students make an appointment to take an ACCUPLACER test by contacting or visiting their college advising and counseling office. If you don’t live close to your campus, contact the advising and counseling office to learn about testing alternatives available to you.

Students unable to take the ACCUPLACER® tests at Trinity may arrange for remote testing by following the steps listed below.

  1. Contact a local educational institution (your high school or public library) to determine if qualified*personnel are willing to administer the ACCUPLACER®  tests to you in their center.  It is not necessary for the facility to be a user of the ACCUPLACER® system.
    1. Proctor Qualifications:
      • Familiar with Higher Education Practices
      • Has no vested interest in the student’s scores
      • Is not related to the student
      • Is employed by an educational institution
    2. Your high school guidance counselor may be willing to serve as proctor.
    3. If you graduated from high school more than a year ago, check with the testing center at a local community college. (You may be charged a fee for the service.)
  2. Complete the “Request to Take ACCUPLACER®  at a Remote Location” form and ‘Submit.’ Trinity will provide your designated proctor with a Proctor Security Agreement form to be completed and returned to our office. You may also download the form and give it to your proctor.
  3. After receiving the Proctor Security Agreement, the Academic and Testing Services Center will provide the proctor with instructions for administering the ACCUPLACER®.
  4. Test date and time will be mutually arranged between you and the proctor.
  5. The office of Academic and Testing Services will receive your scores as soon as you complete your assessments. Your results will be submitted to the Academic Advising Team to finalize your schedule.
Contact Us
Kimberly LaBoone, PhD
Director of Academic Services
(202) 884-9360 laboonek@trinitydc.eduSister Helen Sheehan Library #104

Request to Take ACCUPLACER®  at a Remote Location

Do NOT complete this form if you will be testing at Trinity. Use this form instead.

Do NOT complete this form if you need to take ACCUPLACER for another institution. If you don’t live close to your campus and need to take an ACCUPLACER in the DC metro area, contact the advising and counseling office at your college/university to learn about testing alternatives available to you.

Accuplacer Testing Remote

  • Tester Information

  • Proctor Information

  • ACCUPLACER® Testing Information

  • (i.e., Living out of state)


For more information, contact the Academic Services Center by phone at 202-884-9360 or visit us on the Library's 1st floor.



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