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NOTE: The March 12, 2019, application has passed. No more applications are being accepted.

Trinity is pleased to announce that it will provide a limited number of grants for student study abroad on short-term summer programs through CIEE, the Council for International Educational Exchange. This is a competitive program and students must completely fill out the online application. Applications for the Trinity grant must be received no later than midnight on March 12, 2019.  Note there is a separate deadline for applying to the actual program at CIEE.

The value of the grant to individual students will depend on the program and other grants that the student may receive through CIEE or other sources, including federal financial aid for qualified programs.  The Trinity grant will be no more than $5,000, but adjusted downward depending on the other grants and the cost of the program and travel.

Students may select any short-term summer program offered through CIEE on this list:  CIEE Summer 2019 Short-Term Study Abroad Programs.  Please note that CIEE has a deadline of April 1 for the summer programs. So, the Trinity grants will be announced by March 15, and students will have a two-week window to complete your application with CIEE. Trinity will work with you and CIEE to be sure this goes smoothly.

Students are responsible to know all of the eligibility requirements for the program you select, and you must get the approval of your program chair and dean as part of the application process.

Students will be responsible to make their arrangements directly with CIEE and to make your own flight and other travel arrangements. CIEE will inform you about accommodations and other information you need for the destination.

Last summer, 12 students went abroad on short-term summer study grants, and they universally enjoyed the experience.  CIEE is an excellent partner for these programs, and they have extensive experience and full staff capacity in every location.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for a Trinity study abroad grant, a student must meet these criteria:

  • Grade Point Average of 2.5.
  • Be in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing at Trinity.
  • Have a valid, unexpired passport, visa or other documents required for international travel, or be eligible to obtain such documents; and be able to travel independently.
  • Be able to start and complete the chosen program within the time frame specified.

Application Requirements

The application will require you to provide:

  • Essay of 500 words stating why you have chosen the study abroad program, how it relates to your studies at Trinity.
  • Recommendation of your academic advisor e-mailed to:
  • Agreement of your program chair.
  • Evidence of your ability to travel and spend time abroad on your own with minimal supervision.


A faculty team will review applications we receive and make final recommendations to President McGuire. Trinity reserves the right to decline any application, to choose among applicants to select the best, and to make any other decisions about this program and participants based on our evaluation of the applications.

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Trinity reserves the right to change, without prior notice, any policy or procedure, tuition or fee, curricular requirements, or any other information found on this web site or in its printed materials.

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