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  • Dr. Baugh and Dr. Ocampo Co-author Presentation for 2019 Health Care Systems Research Network Conference

    May 6, 2019

    Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Stacey Baugh and Provost Dr. Carlota Ocampo co-authored, with research director and colleague Dr. Sharon Laing, a presentation entitled “Healthcare providers’ perspectives on the opportunities for mobile health technologies to support (safety-net) patients’ healthcare needs”. Dr. Laing, an Assistant Professor of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership at the University of Washington-Tacoma, presented the findings at the 2019 Health Care Systems Research Network conference in Portland, Oregon, on April 10, 2019. The research team has engaged with mobile health technology in community health since 2016.

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    Adjunct Professor Yolunda Dockett Presented at the HCCA 23rd Annual Compliance Institute

    April 29, 2019

    Dr. Yolunda Dockett, Adjunct Professor in the School of Nursing and Health Professions, presented at the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) 23rd Annual Compliance Institute in Boston, MA, April 7-10, 2019. Her presentation was titled “The Compliance Professional’s Approach to Auditing Rehabilitation Services.” The learning objectives of the presentation were:

    • Describe regulations guiding therapy practice, documentation, and billing
    • Review the required elements of therapy documentation
    • Identify key elements of an effective auditing and monitoring program for rehabilitation services

    Dr. Dockett also received her certification in Health Care Privacy Compliance on April 1, 2019.

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    College of Arts and Sciences Faculty to Present at 2019 Lilly Conference

    April 22, 2019

    Congratulations to the following College of Arts and Sciences faculty and instructional staff who will be presenting at the Lilly Conference in Bethesda, MD on May 30-June 2, 2019. Aligned with the conference theme on “Designing Effective Teaching” Trinity faculty will be lead discussions and presentations on the following topics:

    • Cynthia DeBoy, CBL Associate Professor of Biology; Patrice Moss, CBL Associate Professor of Biochemistry;  Kerry Luse, CBL Associate Professor of Mathematics; Kent Kraft, Math Instructional Specialist will lead a workshop: “Student Success in Math Courses: Lessons from Interdisciplinary Interventions.”
    • Erin Carriere-Kretschmer, Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science, will present on “Empowering Students Through Student Directed Learning and Assessment.”
    • Kaitlin Wellens, Science Education Post-Doctoral Fellow, will present on “Evolution of a Course: Student and Faculty Feedback Guide Change.”
    • Kent Kraft, Math Instructional Specialist will present on, “FYCE: Putting the First Year Experience into Your Class.”
    • Karobi Moitra, CBL Associate Professor of Molecular Biology, will lead a round table discussion: “Instructors ExCEL: Faculty Development Driving Curriculum Redesign.”


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    Lisa Simmons Presents at the 2019 AOTA Annual Conference

    April 15, 2019

    Mrs. Lisa Simmons, Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Program Director, presented at the 2019 American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA earlier this April. There were approximately 50 attendees at her session. Lisa’s presentation was titled, “Successful Use of Group Interview for Fellow Selection” and was a part of the Best Practices in Fellowship Panel.  Her presentation highlighted the group interview format used during the selection of the Medstar Neurological Fellow.  Trinity and Medstar partnered in 2015 to establish a unique fellowship program with not only clinical and research components, but also a component to train higher level clinicians to become effective educators.

    Lisa was supported in this presentation by Dr. Samuel Talisman, Part-time OTA faculty and Medstar Neurological Fellow, Mrs. Amanda Gahlot, OTA Adjunct Faculty, and Mrs. Neepa Shah, MOT Adjunct Faculty at Trinity Washington University.

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    Dr. Carrie O’Reilly Voted to the Virginia State Simulation Alliance

    April 8, 2019

    Dr. Carrie O’Reilly, Director of Clinical Simulation and Laboratory Operations and Assistant Professor of Nursing, was voted to the Virginia State Simulation Alliance (VASSA) for the 2019-2020 term. The mission of VASSA is to provide networking and mentoring opportunities, promote professional development, and improve utilization of simulation as a teaching methodology for nursing educators.

    Dr. O’Reilly is also the recipient of the 2019 Anthony Battaglia/Pocket Nurse® Conference Scholarship Award. She was only one of eight participants to receive this award. The scholarship is designed to stimulate interest and participation in the development and advancement of clinical simulation in nursing and learning resource centers through the payment of conference registration fees.

    Thirdly, Dr. O’Reilly has published an article in the peer-reviewed journal, Online Journal of Occupational Therapy, that was co-authored by three Trinity School of Nursing and Health Professions faculty, Dr. Carrie O’Reilly, Dr. Mary Romanello, and Ms. Lisa Simmons. Read abstract.

    O’Reilly, Carrie M.; Simmons, Lisa P.; and Romanello, Mary L. (2019) “Collaborative Care Best Practices Model (CCBPM) Development for Nursing and Occupational Therapy Assistant Interprofessional Simulation,” The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy: Vol. 7: Iss. 1, Article 11.

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