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Thorne Presents at N.A.M.E. Annual Conference


Dr. Daryl Thorne, Assistant Professor of Human Relations and Program Chair, was selected to present at the National Association Multicultural Education Conference for the last three consecutive years.

In 2012, Dr. Thorne also presented at the 6th International Symposium on Identity and Multicultural Politics in Montreal, Canada.

The conference dates, location, and title of presentations were as follows:

Thorne, Daryl. “Heuristics as a Process for Healing: The Recognition of Implicit Identity.” 6th International Symposium on Identity and Multicultural Politics. International Network for Alternative Academia., Montreal, Canada. 30 Oct. 2012. 

Thorne, Daryl. “Exploring the Impact of Historical Trauma on the Education of Native American Students.” 2012 N.A.M.E. Conference. , Philadelphia, PA. 29 Nov. 2012.

Thorne, Daryl. “Andragogical Deliberateness of Teaching a Course Called “Race and Racism”.” 2013 N.A.M.E. Conference. , Oakland, CA. 6 Nov. 2013.

Thorne, Daryl. “Understanding Spiritual Gifts.” 2014 N.A.M.E. Conference. , Tucson, AZ. 7 Nov. 2014. 








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