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Assistant Professor Vernon Scott Appointed Commissioner on the Montgomery County Commission on Juvenile Justice


Vernon Scott, an assistant professor of criminal justice in the College of Arts and Sciences, was confirmed and appointed by the County Executive and County Council to serve as a commissioner on the Montgomery County Commission on Juvenile Justice.

The thirty-six member Commission on Juvenile Justice is tasked with:

  • Evaluating State and County-funded programs and services that serve juveniles and families involved in the juvenile justice system, to address capacity, utilization, and effectiveness;
  • Informing and advising the Juvenile Court, County Council members, the County Executive, and State legislators on the needs and requirements of juveniles and the juvenile justice system;
  • Studying and submitting recommendations, procedures, programs, or legislation concerning prevention of, and programs addressing, juvenile delinquency and child abuse or neglect;
  • Making periodic visits to juvenile facilities serving Montgomery County juveniles; and
  • Promoting understanding and knowledge in the community regarding juvenile needs and the effectiveness of programs

Professor Scott looks forward to serving his community and being an advocate for our  youth within the justice system.

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