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Dr. Karobi Moitra Co-Authors Paper with Trinity Students in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Last Spring, Dr. Karobi Moitra, Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, co-authored a paper with Trinity students titled, “ABCC6 and Pseudoxanthoma elasticum: The Face of a Rare Disease from Genetics to Advocacy,” in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.


Moitra K, Garcia S**, Etoundi C**, Jaldin M**, Cooper D**, Roland A**, Dixon P**, Reyes S**, Turan S, Terry S and Dean M. ABCC6 and Pseudoxanthoma elasticum: The Face of a Rare Disease from Genetics to Advocacy. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 18(7), 1488.

 Additional spring and summer presentations and collaborations include:

A published book chapter on podcasting:

Moitra K. (2017) Unplugging the Classroom. Teaching with Technologies to Promote Students’ Lifelong Learning. Chapter 12.  STEM to Social Awareness: Connecting the Dots through Audio Storytelling with Podcasts. Edited by S. Pixy Ferris and Hilary A. Wilder. Pages 159-167.  ISBN: 978-0-08-102035-7. Elsevier, Chandos publishing.

A published paper on breast cancer research:

Yang X R, Devi B, Sung H, Guida J, Rogan PK, Mucaki EJ, Xiao Y, Best A, Garland L, Xie Y, Hu N,   Rodriguez-Herrera M, Wang C, Jones K, Luo W, Hicks B, Rosenberg P, Tang TS, Moitra K, Dean M (2017). Prevalence and spectrum of germline rare variants in BRCA1/2 and PALB2 among breast cancer cases in Sarawak, Malaysia. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 1-11. DOI 10.1007/s10549-017-4356-8

A poster presentation on Novel Variants in ABCC6 and Modifier Genes in PXE Patients:

Moitra K, Jaldin M**, Etoundi C**, Garcia S**, Cooper D**, Borsa A**, Turan S, Ebert-Zavos A**, Dyba M**, Im K, Terry S and Dean M. Novel Variants in ABCC6 and Modifier Genes in PXE Patients Identified by Next Generation Sequencing. Gordon Research Conference, Galveston, TX, March 26-31, 2017. (** Indicates students)

An oral presentation on Case Based Active Learning in STEM:

Speed Casing: Case-Based Active Learning in STEM. 50-minute session. Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning, Asheville, NC.  August 7-9, 2017




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