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Lambert’s Articles Published in Humor in America


Dr. Eleanore Lambert, Writing Specialist for the College of Arts and Sciences, published two articles last fall for the blog, Humor in America. She was also named a contributing editor.

Additional achievements include, a published review in the Studies in American Humor and a paper presentation on giddiness in Emily Dickinson’s poetry at the American Association of Literature Poetry Symposium in Savannah, GA.


Lambert, Eleanore. ““Can I Get to That Heart? Can I Get to That Mind?”A Tribute to the Frank, Contested Humor of Intense Teachers—and to Henry Higgins.” Humor in America. 27 Dec. 2014. Web. <>.

Lambert, Eleanore. “Langston Hughes on Hard Laughter.” Humor in America. 4 Nov. 2014. Web. <>. 

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