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Dr. Baugh’s Panel Presentation on Reframing Immigration Research

- Dr. Stacey Baugh’s panel presentation on the topic: “Reframing Immigration Research: Promoting Community-Research Partnerships to Bring Community Voices to the Forefront of Service and Policy” was accepted by the Baltimore Immigration Summit. The panel presentation will be held Friday, Nov.…
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Raul Tovares, Associate Professor Interviews on Earthbeat (WPFW Radio)

- Associate Professor of Communication Dr. Raul Tovares, appeared on the radio program, “Earthbeat” on September 14, 2010. Professor Tovares was interviewed on the media frames of Latino immigrants and the relationship of this framing to the anti-immigrant wing of the…
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Dr. Elizabeth Child, Dr. Carlota Ocampo and Dr. Angela Lanier’s presentation accepted – AAC&U Network for Academic Renewal Conference 2011

- Dr. Elizabeth Child, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Carlota Ocampo, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Dr. Angela Lanier’s presentation entitled: “Meeting the Needs of High-Risk Students through General Education Reform:  The…
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Dr. Carlota Ocampo publishes article in American Psychological Association Journal

- Dr. Carlota Ocampo, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor pf Psychology recently published an article entitled, “Is there such a thing as Indigenous Mental Health?  Implications for Research, Education, Practice, and Policy-Making in Psychology”, …
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Eugene Markowski and Sharon Shafer’s Creative Collaboration

- Professor Markowski and Professor Shafer have created an ensemble that combines music and art. The Fine Arts professors at Trinity Washington University began this creative process when Shafer first composed a song cycle entitled, In Paradisum, and Markowski sketched…
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