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Dr. Tovares Publishes “How to Write About the Media”

- Associate Professor of Communication, Dr. Raul Tovares’ book, How to Write About the Media Today, was be published in February by Greenwood Press. According to the Midwest Book Review,  Tovares’ text is “…an ideal introduction for novice journalists, very highly…
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Dr. Maguire Participates in “Haiti: Six Weeks Later” Symposium

- Dr. Robert Maguire, Associate Professor of International Affairs, will participate in a symposium on February 25, 2010, sponsored by the US Institute of Peace – Haiti: Six Weeks Later. Six weeks after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince, the…
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Dr. Gouleta Presents a NABE Conference

- Dr. Eirini Gouletta, Assistant Professor of Education, presented “Competencies and Student Learning Outcomes in Bilingual Teacher Education”, at the National Association for Bilingual Education’s Annual Conference in Denver, CO.  Her presentation focused on quality assurance and student learning outcomes in…
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Dr. Tovares Published in Journal “Latino Studies”

- Dr. Raul Tovares, Associate Professor of Communication, article “La Opinion and its contribution to the Mexican community’s adaptation to life in the US,” was published in the international, peer reviewed journal, Latino Studies.
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Dr. Clark Invited to Present to Annual Meeting of the Eastern Academy of Management

- Dr. Janine Clarke, Assistant Professor of Business Administration has been invited to  present her paper “Dimensions of Culture: An experiential activity exploring the impact of culture on organization structure and processes” at the 47th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Academy…
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