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December 2009 Faculty Roundup


Dr. Robert Maguire, Assistant Professor of International Affairs has been invited to teach a seminar entitled “The Geopolitics of Oil”, at New York University’s Faculty Resource Network Seminar this summer.  NYU’s program attracts junior faculty from universities and colleges throughout the US, who enroll in the week long intensive program seminars taught by faculty experts.

Dr. Robert Maguire will moderate a panel discussion on the prospects for Haiti’s new government.  The discussion, jointly sponsored by the Inter-American Dialogue and US Institute of Peace will explore the political dynamics as Haiti’s President enters his final year in office. Dr. Maguire is Assistant Professor of International Affairs and Chair of the Haiti Working Group at the US Institute of Peace.

Dr. Saundra Herndon Oyewole, Chair and Professor of Biology, will participate on a panel Liberal Education and Essential Competencies for Future Physicians, at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, January 21, 2010.  The substance of the session will be the exploration of new approaches to preparing undergraduate students for medical school through innovative and interdisciplinary educational approaches, with an emphasis on competencies.  The session will reflect some of the work of the 5th Medical College Admission Test Review Committee on which Dr. Oyewole serves.

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