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Choosing to serve the Trinity Community in a leadership role is a great honor and distinction, but also a great responsibility.  Much of the position entails personal motivation and innovation.  Indeed the greatest challenge in accepting the job is representing your peers while constantly keeping the best interests of the entire community in mind.

Student leadership at Trinity helps to hone many personal and organizational skills needed out in the working world and will offer you a great opportunity to strengthen communication.  In effect you will be acting as the eyes, ears and voice of your constituents.

In a leadership role it is expected that you will participate in various meetings with the college administration, fellow student leaders, and with your constituents.  Public speaking, setting agendas, time management, and activity planning are all great skills that you will develop or acquire while serving as a leader.

Indeed there are many advantages to serving as a student leader, but it is imperative for you to remember that you are a student first.  Meeting your educational goals is highly valued, so there is a cumulative grade point average of a 2.7 to maintain.  If you have any academic or non-academic violations of the Honor Code, you are not permitted to serve as a leader.  You are encouraged to attend Trinity functions and act as a role model for your peers.

Stepping up to the challenge of student leadership is admirable.  Much of the experience depends on you personal vision for the community.  Trinity fosters personal growth through leadership.  As leaders you are a part of a great legacy.

President Responsibilities

  •  To  represent the entire student activities population in SGA meetings dedicated to student interests and activities
  • To  ensure the functioning of the CAA officers and clubs with respect to the constituency presentation and duties
  • To ensure the functioning of the CAA as a representative and policy making body
  • To chair bimonthly CAA Meetings and to cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie
  • To act as a liaison between the three branches of government and maintain a running dialogue with Clubs, Faculty, and Administration
  • To act as a student advocate on issues concerning the community
  • To facilitate each semester the collection of Club Event Summaries and budgets
  • To serve as a member of the Budget Committee
  • To appoint CAA Parliamentarian
  • To hold office hours as needed
  • To attend events and may be called upon to speak publicly at certain events as seen fit
  • To help facilitate Winter Ball and organize the Homecoming, Club Fairs, and any other events as appointed by the SGA president

Vice President Responsibilities

  •  To assist the CAA President on representative and policy matters
  • To assist the CAA President in pursuing the dialogue between the SGC, Clubs, Faculty, Staff and Administration
  • To act as a student advocate on issues concerning the community
  • To attend bimonthly CAA meetings
  • To oversee April Campus-Wide Elections and September Freshwomen Elections
  • To serve as a voting member of the CAA
  • To chair the Events Committee

Secretary Responsibilities

  •  To assist the CAA President in pursuing communication within the CAA and a dialogue between CAA and the Clubs, Faculty, Staff and Administration
  • To type and distribute the agenda at least 24 hours prior to CAA meetings to the SGC leaders, CAA, CC and RHC presidents
  • To keep a record of CAA attendance and to take roll call
  • To type and distribute the CAA officer list
  • To take the minutes of CAA meetings: including roll call, officer/committee      reports, ideas discussed (pros, cons, motions), votes taken, and      announcements
  • To keep and supplement the CAA files with the minutes
  • To attend bimonthly CAA meetings
  • To serve as a voting member of the CAA
  • To update the CAA bulletin boards

For more information, please contact Dean Meechie Bowie at 202-884-9611 or via e-mail at



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