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Academic Writing Style & Formatting

The School of Professional Studies and teh School of Business and Graduate Studies recommend the SPS & BGS Publishing Style (based on the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.) for most courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels with the exception of the AP Style in specific communication courses (undergraduate or graduate). Your instructors will direct you to the appropriate style to use for your courses. The use of a style manual does not exclude the need to use good grammar and proper English in your writing, see the APA manual’s chapters one through four. SPS recommends that you use the appropriate writing guide for your papers also. These guides might include: Strunk & White, Turabian, Chicago, New York, Hacker, etcetera. Again your instructor or the Writing Center will make recommendations.

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    1. SPS & BGS Publishing Style
    2. Learn about APA style
    3. Common APA Style Writing and Formatting Issues
    4. SPS & BGS Rubrics
      1. Competency Based Rubrics
      2. BGS Graduate Writing Rubric
      3. MSA in Organizational Management Capstone Rubrics
    5. Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarization
    6. Find Writing Assistance
    7. Critical Thinking
    8. Sample Thesis or Capstone Papers from the APA
    9. Recommended Texts for Assistance in Academic Research Writing
    10. Using MS Word to Auto Format Your Papers

SPS & BGS Publishing Style

The Trinity School of Professional Studies (SPS) and the School of Business and Graduate Studies (BGS) research paper format, style, and referencing are based on the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Publication Manual (6th ed.).  Differences between the SPS publishing Style and the APA 6th ed. style are designed to simplify the document formatting process and to produce a published document that students and faculty will be proud of.  If you would like to learn how to set MS Word up to automatically format your paper using the design headings (which also populate the table of contents) please look for the PC or MAC versions of the documents below, and attend the SPS/bgs sponsored seminar each Fall and Spring semester.  Or use the document in the last section of this page, which contains step-by-step directions and screen shots.

Learn about APA style

To Learn about APA Style and how to use it follow the links below for tutorials.

Common APA Style Writing and Formatting Issues

There are some common issues students have (and instructors correct too often) in providing a clean SPS and APA style paper.  Many of these are outlined in the document below.  If you still have questions please contact your instructor,  or the Writing Center.

Do you feel like your academic writing is dull and uninspiring?  Then review the verb choices offered in the document below to enliven your writing.  This small effort can make a world of difference.

SPS & BGS Rubrics

Competency Based Rubrics

The following rubrics are developed from the AAC&U rubrics and are designed to easily score a student or group’s work.  Students will find these rubrics useful in developing and submitting professional quality assignments.  These rubrics are used in both SPS and BGS,

BGS Graduate Writing Rubric

All BGS Graduate level papers will use the BGS Graduate Rubric as a guide for all written assignments, with the exception of Research Papers and Capstone Papers, which will use the BGS Capstone rubric.

MSA in Organizational Management Capstone Rubrics

Initially in the ADMN 699 Capstone Project course students develop a research proposal, which shows their mastery of the research topic, the relevance and significance of the research project, mastery of the relevant literature, the research design, and data analysis.  Ideally students complete as much of this document as possible in advance of the course using their INT 601 experience and by meeting with their capstone instructor or advisor.  In general the research proposal is required prior to applying to the IRB for research approval.

The proposal includes the title page, the abstract, the table of contents, lists of tables and figures, the introduction chapter, the literature review chapter, the research methods chapter, reference list, and appendices.  Be certain to use the correct version: qualitative or quantitative.

In the INT 601 Introduction to Research Design and Methods course a special combined rubric is used to enable students to develop both qualitative and quantitative sections and chapters of the proposal.  The resulting document might be easily edited to meet the capstone proposal rubric.

After students receive approval from their instructor concerning the research proposal and receiving permission from the IRB committee to conduct the research project they will begin to collect data and to modify the paper into the final format.  MSA students often choose to write a five chapter research paper since they may edit and modify the proposal for the first 3 chapters.  Then students complete the results or findings chapter and the discussion chapter.

However, MSA students might write in the journal article format, especially if they find themselves interested in the possibility of publishing, which is a notable item to place on a resume or CV.  The journal article format consists of a stripped down version of the proposal with good attention paid to the research methods, data analysis, and conclusions.  If you are interested in the journal article approach contact your instructor for a set of how to articles published by the Academy of Management Journal (AMJ), the leader in management and leadership scholarship.  The AMJ has interest groups and publications, which cover the concentrations offered in the MSA degree program.  Ask your Capstone instructor for assistance with the journal article format.

Both the qualitative and quantitative research paper formats are presented below, however be attentive to selecting the correct format.  Be sure to ask your instructor for assistance with a mixed-methods or journal article format.

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarization

The following resources are helpful to students and instructors in determining how to avoid plagiarism by introducing them to the art of paraphrasing and summarization, the use and placement of citations, and the formatting of references.

Find Writing Assistance

Critical Thinking

Sample Thesis or Capstone Papers from the APA

Recommended Texts for Assistance in Academic Research Writing

Using MS Word to Auto Format Your Papers

  • Formatting MS Word in BGS – APA 6th – PC Version– this is a draft of the quick PC version.
  • Formatting MS Word in BGS – APA 6th – MAC Version– this is a draft of the quick MAC/Apple version
  • Using MS Word to Auto Format in SPS Publishing Style
    • This document was developed by SPS and BGS to assist you in formatting your research papers, Thesis papers, and Capstone papers in either SPS/BGS publishing style or APA 6th ed. publishing style.  The document contains narratives and bulleted instructions with screen captures to instruct you in the step by step formatting of your papers
  • APA formatting Microsoft Word 2007
    • This video from IACLibrary2000 quickly explains how to set MS Word 2007 to auto format your paper in APA formatting style.  You can easily adapt these directions to the SPS Publishing style or even MLA style
  • How to Work with Styles in a Word 2007 Document For Dummies
    • This video from the For Dummies series quickly explains how to use the style headings in MS Word 2007 to auto format your papers.
    • *You can easily edit each heading style to match SP Publishing, APA style, or MLA style by highlighting the text, formatting it as you wish it to appear.  Then right click on the style button for your heading level.  Choose Update (heading level title) to Match Selection.  Now all headings at that level will update to your correct heading style.
  • How to Create a Table of Contents in Word 2007 For Dummies
    • This video from the For Dummies series quickly explains how to use the style headings in MS Word 2007 to establish a Table of Contents in your paper. you can easily adapt this to meet the criteria of the SPS Publishing style, APA style, or MLA style.
  • How to create a List of Tables and A List of Figures in MS Word 2007
    • This video from the Institute of International Management explains how to add a list of Tables and a List of Figures in a MS Word document, which will be appropriate for your papers in SPS Publishing style, APA style, or MLA style.

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