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The Barack Obama Presidency

Edited by John Davis

Eschewing conventional partisanship, this book offers the definitive assessment of the opening two years of the presidency of Barack Obama and explores the critical policies, decisions, and politics that dominated Obama’s domestic and international agendas. Joining forces with a host of distinguished scholars, the editor offers a compelling evaluation of the Obama presidency with the objective of examining three critical questions: Did the domestic reforms advance or impact the Obama legacy? Did multilateralism advance Obama’s stewardship of U.S. foreign policy? Finally, what issues on the domestic and international front will define the Obama presidency?


Foreign Policy Speeches of Obama

Edited by John Davis

Throughout the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama’s dynamic oratory skills played a pivotal role in his historic electoral victory. Once in office those same proclivities were again on display during a host of major foreign policy speeches—those that endeavored to reformulate relations with the Muslim world, nuclear proliferation, the strategies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, to name a few—that provide critical information for evaluating the president’s policies. This volume provides an in-depth exploration of the president’s major speeches and allows the reader to assess the extent to which Obama met the domestic and global expectations associated with his foreign policy agenda.

Key features of Foreign Policy Speeches of Obama:

  • Students will find the selection of speeches thought provoking, particularly on the question of war.
  • Starting with Senator Obama’s anti-Iraq War speech, readers will examine several speeches that evolved into the strategies for what critics charge is “Obama’s War in Afghanistan.”
  • Speeches from recent events are also included, such as the presidential address that unleashed American intervention in the Libyan civil war and Obama’s triumphant address to the nation in which he announced the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Foreign Policy Speeches of Obama serves as an invaluable resource for U.S. Foreign Policy, American Government, International Relations, and Presidential Studies courses.


Terrorism in Africa: The Evolving Front in the War on Terror

Edited by John Davis

The study, Terrorism in Africa: The Evolving Front in the War on Terrorism, represents a research endeavor aimed at increasing scholarly discourse on the ever-expanding threat of terrorism and terrorist-related violence in the region. It offers the most wide-ranging analysis of the sub-national and transnational terrorists groups that have made Africa the second most violent region in the world. Additionally, the study expands the coverage of the multiple dynamics that indicate why terrorist-related violence continues to increase in the region and closes with regional solutions to the threat of terrorism.

This collection of essays offers a comprehensive analysis of the states, terrorist groups, and critical issues that have increased the specter of terrorism in Africa. The study is divided into three themes: (1) the diversity of the terrorist threat among states in the region, (2) the regional dynamics and the local response to terrorism, and (3) regional solutions to the threat of terrorism in Africa.

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