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School of Professional Studies | Academic Resources for Instructors

Academic Resources for Instructors

These are general resources for SPS Faculty, Instructors, and Adjunct Faculty

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SPS Standard Syllabus Template Academic Resources

The School of Professional Studies has a standard syllabus template which all professors use. That template outlines a variety or resources (see below), such as the plagiarism policy and handbook, academic support services, mathematics, academic writing, free citation tools, and research, that are available to all students.

Remember these resources are only useful if you make use of them!

SPS Midterm Grade Policy

The School of Professional Studies requires that all students receive a midterm grade assessing their progress to date.  Midterm grades are a key indicator for students that they are or are not performing to the expectation of Good Academic Standing, which is essential to student success in any degree program.  Communicating praise or concern along with the grade reinforces the message, so it is important to frame your conversation with the student in a manner that promotes potential success and reason for confidence whenever possible.  Additionally, convey information concerning negative grade performance with sensitivity and options for turnaround to support a graceful response from the student.

Midterm grades for Weekly (semester) courses are published on the Trinity Academic Calendar and the SPS important Dates document, which is updated and posted to the SPS Teaching and Learning page in Moodle each semester.  The SPS Term length and Summer semester course midterm dates are generally set to the first day of the 6th Week, which gives the student and the advising team 3 weeks to help a student recover a passing grade in the accelerated courses.  The SPS Term length and Summer semester midterm deadlines are posted in the SPS important Dates document, which is updated and posted to the SPS Teaching and Learning page in Moodle each semester.

 Graduate Writing Rubrics

All graduate level scholarly and academic papers should be reviewed and feedback should be given to students using the BGS Graduate Writing Rubric.   The rubric covers items such as grammar and style, APA formatting and presentation, sources – citations – references, and critical thinking and logic.  This rubric is best used for scholarly papers, research papers, literature reviews, etcetera, and in conjunction with the BGS Publishing Style guide and the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.).  Writing projects such as grant proposals, marketing analysis, strategic planning, etcetera might make use of this rubric, however you must keep in mind the need for professional industry language rather than academic language.

As a recommendation for use instructors and professors might review, edit, comment, provide feedback throughout a student’s paper as you would normally.  Then create a worksheet (tab) with a copy of the rubric grading key for each student.  Next, review each student’s marked up paper by comparing it to the rubric.  Score each section on the student’s grading key.  The grading key should automatically add up the score and provide the percent of the total (the student’s grade for the assignment).  Finally, print each student’s grading key (worksheet, tab) to share with each student.  Or, better yet, save each tab to a PDF file and upload it in the Moodle assignment with a PDF copy of the marked up assignment.

Additional Rubrics

The following rubrics are developed from the AAC&U rubrics and are designed to easily score a student or group’s work.  Create a unique tab with the rubric for each student.  Save each tab as a PDF with the student’s name to upload in Moodle as part of your feedback on assignments.  These rubrics are used in both SPS and BGS, You might need to replace BGS with SPS or vice versa depending on the school where you are teaching.

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