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Come and hear about the new Trinity Academic Center


Dear Trinity students,


You’ve heard bits and pieces about our plans…. Now come hear more about the new Trinity Academic Center!  I invite you to participate in one of a series of special  briefings that I am providing for students to see the plans and ask questions about the project.  I will be in the Rose Parlor next week on the dates and times below, and you are welcome to stop by for the presentation and discussion.  I will repeat the presentation about every 30 minutes so you can stop by on the hour or half hour any time during the time period indicated.


Monday, April 7:  starting at 3 pm and going until about 7 pm (Rose Parlor)


Thursday, April 10:  starting at 5 pm and going until about 7 pm (Rose Parlor)


Depending on the response, I will plan additional sessions later in April, and also on Founders Day which is Wednesday, April 23.


You can see some overall plans for the academic center on our website at


This amazing new building will have new science labs, new nursing and health labs, and 21 new classrooms — all “state of the art”!  All students will enjoy this modern new learning environment.  Of course we’ll still have classes in Main Hall and the Library, but the crunch in these buildings will ease, and we’ll have the flexibility to do more renovations in our older buildings once the new building is open.


Where will the new building be?  On what is now the area between the Library and the Science Building, and yes, we are planning new roads and parking areas as part of the project.  I’ll go over all of that during the briefings, and will provide more messages to the campus as construction gets underway this summer.


When will the building be open?  Our goal is to have classes and labs in the new building starting in August 2016!


We will be having a groundbreaking ceremony for the new building on May 31, which is during Alumnae Reunion, and you are welcome to come!  Much more on that in future messages…


For now, I hope you can come to one of the briefings, and if not next week, I’ll post additional dates for future weeks.


With thanks,


President Pat McGuire

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