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Trinity is cancelling evening classes (6pm or later) tonight and closing tomorrow.


TO:  The Trinity Community


FR:  President Patricia McGuire




We have just learned that D.C. has declared a “snow emergency” starting at 6:30 pm this evening.  This means NO PARKING ON SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTES and any cars found parking on such routes will incur a $250 ticket and be towed at a cost of $100.


Because Michigan Avenue is a snow emergency route, and because so many of our students park out there, we have decided that the most prudent thing to do is to cancel classes that start at or after 6 pm.


This is a change from our previous announcement saying that classes would go on as scheduled.  We regret any confusion about this, but with weather we can never be totally accurate.


We also know that there will not be any snow falling until about 9 or 10 pm.  However, our concern for students who might park on Michigan Avenue is great since we do not want students to come here and then find that their cars were towed by D.C.


So, once again, all classes that start at 6 pm or thereafter are cancelled this evening.  This includes Trinity’s classes at THEARC. 





We know enough about the approaching storm to make this decision early.  Trinity will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, February 13.


We will make the decision about Friday later in the day tomorrow once we know the conditions.



Please note that we are coming up on President’s Weekend and Trinity was already scheduled to be closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


I will be back in touch with more information as it is available.


Please let me know if you have questions.

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