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Weather Forecast notes from our President


TO:  The Trinity Community


FR:  President Patricia McGuire


RE:  Weather Forecast


We are all watching the predictions of a major storm developing that will sweep up the coast starting on Wednesday evening and continuing through Thursday afternoon.  As of this writing, we cannot know with any precision what this storm will yield, but chances are we will have accumulating snow, ice, freezing rain and other unpleasant conditions.


We will make a decision about Trinity’s status sometime late tomorrow afternoon or early evening when we have more information about the storm track.  We will certainly be attentive to weather patterns that might affect classes tomorrow evening.  Please do not be calling.  We are aware of the weather and you will be notified promptly when we make a decision.  We will try to do that in a way that is sensitive to everyone’s schedules.


Please see my message below from January 20 about weather communications.  I urge you to sign-up for the text message alerts by texting Followtrinitydcalerts to 40404 on your cell phone.


I also ask all faculty and students to be attentive to directions you have received about ongoing instruction via Moodle.  The beauty of having an online instructional system is that you really can keep teaching and learning even if weather forces us to close the campus for a period of time.  Isn’t that a marvelous invention?


If you live on campus, please be assured that Food Service, Security and Facilities are all well-prepared to take good care of you.


If you commute to campus, please be sure to take with you any materials you might need for remote instruction and assignments via Moodle.


I will be back to you with “the announcement” sometime late tomorrow.  You can start making friendly bets right now about the exact time.


And, who knows, maybe the storm will head out over the ocean and leave us alone.  So don’t be counting on another “snow day” just yet, Mother Nature will make up her own mind about that!


Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for your cooperation.

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