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Paid student position with the US Department of Education


Job Title:Student Trainee (Management and Program Analyst)

Department:Department Of Education

Agency:Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

Job Announcement Number:OESE-2013-0027


$42,209.00                                                                                                                to                                                         $52,875.00                          / Per Year


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 to                            Tuesday, July 02, 2013




Intern, Full-time, Flexible work schedule –                            Excepted Service Appointment




1 vacancy –                                      Washington, DC, USView Map


This position is part of the Pathways Program and is open to students currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an accredited educational or certification program at least half-time.


One or more vacancies may be filled from this announcement.


The U.S. Department of Education (ED) is always seeking the best and brightest to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.


If you are a highly-motivated, creative individual who would like to work for an agency that establishes polices on federal financial aid for education, distributes as well as monitors those funds; collects data on America’s schools and disseminates research; focuses national attention on key educational issues; and prohibits discrimination and ensures equal access to education, ED is the place for you!


This intern position is a part of the Department of Education’s Pathways Program.  The Pathways Program was established to provide students enrolled in a variety of educational institutions with opportunities to work in agencies and explore Federal careers while still in school.  Additional information about the Internship Program can be found at


  • You must be a U.S. citizen to apply for this position.


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This position is located in the U.S. Department of Education (ED), Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE), Management Support Unit (MSU).  This advanced entry-level position performs analysis and advisory assignments related to the effectiveness of programs and/or the efficiency of the management of operations.

The incumbent will assist supporting the Knowledge and Data Management function in the Management Support Unit.  The incumbent will assist conducting basic statistical analysis.  The position will entail the ability to write clearly, using Excel, being familiar with Microsoft Access and other statistical software.  The incumbent will assist in using ED’s EDEN/ED Facts system to respond to data requests and build data files  He/she will do basis analyses on other data; will support work processes related to the Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR), which will include working on changes to the data collection and helping coordinate the data verification process.  The incumbent will assist updating OESE’s Annual Report to Congress; and will support work on OESE’s ED Data Express website, which will including testing new versions of the site and keeping data on the site up to date. He/she will participate in OESE data initiatives and provide administrative support for those efforts as necessary.   Participates in developmental activities involving program studies and analysis of operations to achieve greater economy and efficiency.  Prepares portions of initial work plans and draft reports based on existing procedures or observation of the activity to be studied.


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To qualify for this position, you must be a student enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a qualifying educational or certification program. To qualify for the GS-7 Level: 1 full year of graduate level education or superior academic achievement

For full qualifications go to:


Veterans’ Preference:  If you are entitled to veterans’ preference, you should indicate the type of veterans’ preference you are claiming on your resume.  Your veterans’ preference entitlement will be verified by the employing agency.


For 5-point veterans’ preference, please provide your DD-214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty), official statement of service from your command if you are currently on active duty, or other official documentation (e.g., copy of military orders, campaign documents as: or expeditionary award citation, etc.) that proves your military service was performed under honorable conditions.


For 10-point veterans’ preference, you must submit a SF-15, Application for 10-Point Veteran Preference and all other required documentation.  Click here for the form


Applicants must be a U.S. citizen and enrolled at least half time at a qualified education institution.  Applicants must also complete a background investigation.


To determine if you are best qualified for this job, a review of your resume and supporting documentation will be conducted.  Applicants meeting the minimum qualifications requirements will be referred to the selecting official.  If there are qualified preference eligible veterans, they will be referred first for consideration. To preview questions please click here.


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The Department of Education offers a comprehensive benefits package including paid vacation and sick leave, federal holidays, health and life insurance, and participation in the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), including the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).  Click on to find out more about federal benefits.
Why Work at ED? The U.S. Department of Education (ED) is a great place to work. For more detailed information regarding our various work sites, please click on the link below:

As an ED employee, you will benefit from our family-friendly work environment.  As part of our commitment to maintain a productive balance between work and home, we offer excused leave for parent/teacher conferences (3 hours); excused leave for annual health screenings (4 hours); and matching leave for community volunteer service.  Other incentives such as telecommuting and alternative work schedules also may be available to you.
ED offers positions that are fair and competitive in compensation; developmental opportunities to exhibit teamwork and goal-oriented projects to enrich your federal career.



You must be a United States citizen to apply for this position.


As a part of the Pathways student program, the appointment may be extended until the selectee’s educational program requirements have been completed.  After successful completion of the program requirements, the individual may be converted to a permanent appointment but the there is no guarantee.


The Federal Government is committed to expanding access to employment by hiring people with disabilities; providing technical assistance and information on reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities; and identifying and removing barriers to work.  Persons with disabilities may apply for jobs filled either competitively (where qualified individuals compete with one another through a structured process), non-competitively (where a qualified individual may be selected based on a special appointing authority), or through an excepted appointing authority for people with disabilities (i.e. Schedule A).  People who are selected for a Federal job must meet the qualification requirements for the position and be able to perform the essential duties of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.  For information on “People with Disabilities” please visit


Student Loan Default: Applicants selected for positions are subject to a background check to verify that he or she has not defaulted on any loan funded or guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Education. Applicants found to be in default will be contacted to make arrangements for repayment prior to being made an official offer of employment.
Veterans Career Counseling: “Veterans interested in receiving tips on preparing a Federal resume and/or how to prepare for an interview, may send an email to to schedule an appointment for a session with a career counselor. Veterans Counseling Session must be placed in the subject line of the email.”


Equal Employment Opportunity: The Department of Education does not discriminate on the basis of: race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a parent, marital status or political affiliation.



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Applications submitted via EdHIRES must be received before midnight Eastern Time on the closing date of the announcement.  No extensions will be granted.  If you fail to submit a COMPLETE on-line resume, you WILL NOT be considered for this position.  If applying on-line poses a hardship to any applicant, the Servicing Personnel Office listed on the announcement will provide assistance to ensure that applications are submitted on-line by the closing date.  Applicants MUST CONTACT the Servicing Human Resources Office PRIOR TO THE CLOSING DATE to speak to someone who can provide assistance for on-line submission.  Requests for extensions will not be granted.
WARNING!  You should make a fair and accurate assessment of your qualifications and submit ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION WITH YOUR APPLICATION.  Applicants who do not submit a COMPLETE application will be rated ineligible.


The following documents are required if you are applying for this position.  All documents may not apply to all applicants; you should only submit those that apply to you.

  • Schedule A Certificate/Letter – Official document authenticating special hiring authority due to a disability.  (If applicable)
  • Department of Defense Form DD-214 – Official document verifying creditable military service. (If applicable)
  • Standard Form 15 – Application for 10-Point Veteran Preference, to adjudicate individuals’ claims for veterans’ preference. (If applicable)
  • Veterans Administration Letter – Official document verifying total compensable disability based on military service. (If applicable)
  • College Transcripts – Required from all applicants
  • Proof of Enrollment – Required from all applicants. (This may be a copy of your current class schedule or document that verifies you are currently enrolled to attend classes at least half-time.)

Please include announcement number OESE-2013-0007 on any documents that are faxed.


Failure to submit a college transcript AND proof of enrollment will result in an ineligibility determination and your application will not be considered further for the opportunity.


Shamanda Osby                               Phone: 202-401-1547                               Fax: 202-401-0520                               Email:
                        Agency Information: EDUCATION-OFFICE OF ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY ED 400 Maryland Ave. S.W. Attn:   Human Capital and Client Services Washington,                        DC 20202 US                               Fax: 202-401-0520


Once the application process is completed in its entirety, a review of your application will be made to ensure you meet the job requirements.  Qualified applicants will be referred to the hiring managers for further consideration and possible interviews.  Qualified preference eligible veterans will be referred first for consideration.

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