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The School of Professional Studies is growing! Please check below for new faculty and changes to advising.


Here in the School of Professional Studies, we aim to increase your chances of success. We are always striving to improve your educational experience.  To that end, we are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Peggy Lewis, our new Director of Media Studies. Dr. Lewis is going to help us revamp our existing BA and MA degrees in Communications into more relevant, and timely, Media Studies programs. Many of the same skills will be there- creative and critical thinking, persuasive writing, analysis, and investigation- however, you will learn how to apply them in dynamic 21st century environments. It will be very exciting.


Stay tuned for more information about new baccalaureate programs at Trinity. There are some changes to advising that will guide us as we grow:  Nicole Herd will advise graduate students in the International Security Studies, Communication, and MBA programs. Dr. Kelley Wood will take over advising the MSA students with last names N-Z. Kelsey Hutcheson will advise undergraduate business and communication students. Please see below for more details.



Ms. Kelsey Hutcheson

Undergraduate Business Administration Last Names C-Z

Undergraduate in Communications- ALL

(202) 884-9622/9620


Prof. Thomas Mostowy, Esq

Chair of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Last Names A-B

(202) 884-9233/9620


Prof. V.R. Nemani

Chair of Business Administration

Undergraduate Business Admin Last Names A-B

(202) 884-9577/9620

Mr. Richard Opoku

Pre-Nursing & Pre- OTA- ALL

Health Sciences- ALL

(202) 884-9623/9620

Ms. Erin Smith

Human Relations Last Names C-Z

Criminal Justice Last Names C-Z

General Studies- ALL



Dr. Daryl Thorne

Chair of Human Relations

Human Relations Last Names A-B

(202) 884-9626/9620



Ms. Nicole Herd

Academic Advisor

Master of Business Administration- ALL

MA International Security Studies- ALL

MA Communication- ALL

                                                                         (202) 884-9625/9620


                                                                        Dr. Stanley Nwoji

Graduate Academic Advisor & Faculty

Master of Science Administration

Last Names A-M

                                                                         (202) 884-9254/9620


Dr. Kelley Wood

Chair of MSA Program

Master of Science Administration

Last Names N-Z

(202) 884-9227

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