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Vote for your SGA Members! Voting is open until June 1st in Main 250 and at THEARC


Now is the time! Vote for your Student Government Association President and Representatives in Main 250 and at THEARC. Each student gets one ballot. All ballots are due by 6pm on June 1st.

Structure of the SGA would consist of a President and Vice President, along with an executive committee comprised of two representatives each from the Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s level programs. Each member will serve a one year term and are eligible for re-election. The formal name would be the SPS Student Governance Executive Board. Terms would last from September 1st to July 31st and elections would occur each summer. Students will need to be actively enrolled in both the Fall and Spring semesters each year and in good academic standing. The term expires at each year and at graduation.


SPS Student Government Association

Academic Year 2013-2014


  1. Ericka Harley

Vice President

  1. ______________
  2. ______________

Associate’s Level Reps (pick two)

  1. _____________
  2. _____________

Bachelor’s Level Reps (pick two)

  1. Emily Lette- Jackson
  2. _____________

Master’s Level Reps (pick two)

  1. Brittney L. James
  2. ______________

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