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May 2013 Term Classes for Graduate Students


Taking a class in the May term is an excellent way to earn additional credits in a short amount of time. It runs Monday thru Friday, May 20th– 24th from 9am to 5pm for three (3) credits. It is intense, but well worth it. Take a look:


BADM 697/Lecture/1 – Ethics & Social Responsibility | Credits 3.000
Utilizing a case study approach, this course examines cases and causes of unethical behavior in organizations. Students consider the perspectives of multiple stakeholders while learning strategies to create and sustain organizational integrity. Ethical frameworks for decision making and values-bases leadership are explored in relation to the current challenges faced by organizations. 3 credits


COM 588/Lecture/1 – Gender and Communication | Credits 3.000
Provides an in depth exploration of theory and methods for examining communication and gender roles. Topics include gendered communication; gender and media; family communication; gendered violence; gender; and education, gender, and institutions. 3 credits


Click here to find it: Register today!

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