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Take Advertising and Promotion this May


You know that businesses must sell their products to be successful. Even nonprofits must promote what they do and who they serve. Whether you work in the for- profit, non- profit or government sectors, this class will help you learn how to  ‘sell’ your ideas, products, and services. This class is offered Monday thru Friday, May 20th thru 24th, from 9am to 5pm for three (3) credits. Take a look:


BADM 337/Lecture/1 – Advertising and Promotion | Credits 3.000
Studies promotional activity and marketing communication as they relate to the theory of exchange and the existence of an informational gap between procedures or products (goods, services and ideas) and the potential consumer. The tools of promotion include advertising, personal selling, reseller support, publicity and sales promotion. Decisions about the promotional mix, message, media and their selection and execution are discussed. Formerly MKT 343 Advertising and Promotion. 3 credits Prerequisite: BADM 231


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