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Saving your documents to the “Cloud” when computing on campus


This note and explanation was created by Candice Washington


In the past few weeks, several students have lost class assignments because the work was completed on a public computer and the files were incorrectly saved or erased.


Please be aware that you have access to a “cloud” drive in your Trinity Gmail Account – Google Drive.  It’s like an online flash drive.  You are able to upload your documents (Microsoft – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. and Adobe – pdf) to your Trinity Gmail Account.  This allows you to access your documents anytime you are able to logon to your email.


Click here for more information on Google Drive


To find Google Drive –

  • Logon to your Trinity Gmail Account
    • The top row has options such as Images, Maps, News, DRIVE
    • Select DRIVE
    • On the right, you will see two red buttons – CREATE, and a symbol of an arrow pointing up (for UPload.)
    • Select the arrow pointing up to upload your file
    • Select file
    • Find the file in the system (this is similar to uploading a file in Moodle.)


Again, when files are uploaded to Google Drive, you can then access them anytime you logon to your Trinity Gmail.


Please make sure to ALWAYS save a copy of your class work if you are not working on your personal computer (and even if you are working on your personal computer in case of computer damage!)  You have many options to save copies of your work:  Google Drive, a Flash Drive/External Hard Drive, or even email the document to yourself!


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