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Event on Climate Change and its Impact on Public Health at the Wilson Center today



Climate Change and Extreme Weather: Impacts on Public Health and Agriculture

April 10, 2013 // 3:00pm —  5:00pm
Event Co-sponsors:
Environmental Change and Security Program

      Coming Soon
      There will be a live webcast of this event.

Climate change manifests itself in ways far beyond a slowly rising global mean surface temperature. Scientific data is making  the public increasingly aware that a changing climate causes alterations in size, strength and frequency of storms, droughts, floods and other weather events, with significant potential consequences for public health, agriculture, biodiversity and social systems.

On April 10th, the Managing our Planet series will convene a panel of experts to discuss the outlook and impacts of extreme weather events that scientists see as connected to climate change.

The “Managing the Planet” seminar series – developed jointly by George Mason University and the Wilson Center’s Brazil Institute and Environmental Change and Security Program – addresses planetary scale problems and solutions.

6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Event Speakers List:
  • Director, Climate Change Program Office, Office of the Chief Economist, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Director, National Climatic Data Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Professor of Oceanography, Associate Dean for Research and Computing, George Mason University
  • Paulo Sotero // Director, Brazil Institute

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