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Avoiding Roadblocks to Graduation from President McGuire


Dear students,


I hope you had a joyful Easter weekend, and that you are looking forward to the many delightful activities of the final weeks of the academic year.


This message comes with a necessarily less-happy note to remind you of some fundamental policies that we expect every student to uphold — violations of these policies can prove to be a serious roadblock in your way to graduation.


Fighting:  Fighting in any form is strictly prohibited by the Student Code of Conduct.  A student who assaults another student or anyone on campus will be dismissed.  Keep your hands to yourself.  If you feel anger coming upon you, walk away and seek the help of a staff member, security officer, even a peer who can talk it through with you.  DO NOT RESPOND TO PROVOCATION.  Report provocation to your dean, Dean Bowie, or Campus Safety.  If you hit someone, you will incur the ultimate penalty.


Harassment:  Harassment is strictly forbidden in Trinity’s policies.  Harassment does not require physical touching, but can occur through verbal threats, intimidation, mocking, bullying, and other forms of verbal abuse from one person to another.  Sexual harassment is a specific form of this offense, but is not the only offense under our policy.  IF YOU ENGAGE IN BULLYING OR HARASSMENT OF OTHER STUDENTS OR STAFF, you will incur penalties up to and including dismissal.  You do not need to put up with bullying or harassment; if this happens to you please report the incident immediately to Dean Bowie, your academic dean, or Campus Safety.


Cheating and Plagiarism:  We are seeing far too many cheating and plagiarism cases.  Saying you did not know the plagiarism rules is unacceptable.  You are college students, it is your duty to learn the rules.   The Academic Honesty Policy is promulgated far and wide.  Seniors and graduate students will be expelled if you are found guilty of cheating or plagiarism — so please, just don’t do it.  If you are worried about finishing an exam or a paper, discuss that with your faculty member or dean.  We can help you in advance of a problem, but we will not help you if you cheat.


This time of year, I prefer to discuss honors and awards, the delights of Commencement Day, and the many achievements of our students.  Unfortunately, I must issue this reminder because we have too many cases involving misconduct right now, and sadly, several of them do require dismissal.  Please pay attention to our rules and processes, help is available to you if you are struggling, but once you commit the act that violates our policy, you will incur the consequences.


Thanks for your cooperation.




President Patricia McGuire

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