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Cool Bank Job in Texas


Are you looking for a progressive company with a great reputation? Do you have an operational and leadership background topped with a go-getter attitude? Do you enjoy leading a team to success?
People’s Trust may be the ideal workplace for you! We are currently seeking a Branch Operations Specialist for our service centers. This position will assist the Chief Operations Officer (COO) in overseeing the operations and sales of all branches by implementing and directing actions to achieve or exceed budgeted tasks and key goals that will contribute to the business goals of the credit union.  This includes developing branch-level strategies for cost efficiency, service quality and human resources for the credit union.  Additionally, the Branch Operations Specialist will serve as Facilities Manager and Physical Security Officer for branch locations.


Some of the essential duties/responsibilities include:

  • Providing support to branches to maintain operations, including ensuring adequate cash, equipment, and other resources are available to branch staff.
  • Maintaining branch facilities records, leases, and maintenance.
  • Managing branch vendor relationships.
  • Assisting Executive Management in construction, development and staffing of new branches, as well as coordinates branch closures decided on by Executive Management.
  • Assisting in training new branch staff.
  • Participating in the interviewing and candidate selection process for branch staff.
  • As directed by the COO, leads branch operations-related projects; serves as a lead resource for other projects as needed.
  • Monitoring and reports on branch traffic patterns and productivity to the COO.
  • Maintaining standard operating procedures for branches.
  • Partnering with Branch Managers to comply with existing and new regulatory requirements
  • Ensuring audits are responded to and addressed appropriately and timely
  • Point of contact for escalated member service issues
  • Proposing recommendations to enhance administration, loan policies, and loan procedures; and Branch Operations Manual.
  • Resolving problem areas in operations between branches and other administrative areas.
  • Assisting the marketing department with the prescreening of loan and other promotions.
  • Compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act and all other regulations, laws and Credit Uni0n policies and procedures.
  • Performing other duties as directed by management.


Competencies: To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:


  • Analytical Thinking – The ability to tackle a problem by      using a logical, systematic, and sequential approach.
  • Design – Ability to create programs, presentations, document      and/or manuals to illustrate professionalism, clear communication and      consisiveness.
  • Problem Solving      – Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner; gathers and      analyzes information skillfully; develops alternative solutions.
  • Technical Skills – Understands technical aspects of      job and continuously builds knowledge, keeping up-to-date on the technical      or procedural aspects of the job. Makes oneself available to others to      help solve technical or procedural problems or issues.
  • Project Management – Develops project plans; coordinates      projects; communicates changes and progress; completes projects on time      and budget; manages project team activities.



  • Member Service      – Manages difficult or emotional member situations; responds promptly to      customer needs; meets commitments.
  • Interpersonal      Awareness – The ability to notice,      interpret, and anticipate others’ concerns and feelings, and to      communicate this awareness empathetically to others.
  • Written      Communication – The ability to express oneself      clearly in business writing.
  • Team      Work – As a team member, the ability      and desire to work cooperatively with others on a team; as a team leader,      the ability to demonstrate interest, skill, and success in getting groups      to learn to work together.
  • Oral      Communication – The ability to express oneself      clearly in conversations and interactions with others.



  • Change      Management – The ability to demonstrate      support for innovation and for organizational changes needed to improve      the organization’s effectiveness; initiating, sponsoring, and implementing      organizational change; helping others to successfully manage      organizational change.


  • Quality      Management – The ability to ensure high      quality of performance as a team. This would also include any work efforts      presented by individual team members including self.
  • Leadership – Engage      people in developing goals, executing plans, and delivering results.      Mobilize teams, building momentum to get things done by communicating      clearly and consistently, investing time and energy to engage the      organization. Use negotiation skills and adaptability to encourage      recognition of joint concerns, collaboration, and to influence the success      of outcomes. Follow and lead across boundaries to engage staff and members      (if necessary) in a shared agenda and strategy.



  • Business Acumen – Understands business implications      of decision; displays orientation to profitability; aligns work with      strategic goals.
  • Cost      Consciousness – Assesses and      projects accurately the financial requirements for assigned work or      projects. Works within the designed budget and keeps in mind the short and      long-term strategic plan. Considers cost implications of decisions.       Establishes and implements sound financial management practices and      controls.  Exercises cost control through expense monitoring and      attention to detail.
  • Diversity      – Supports and      promotes an environment that holds opportunities for all, regardless of      race, disability, ethnicity, gender, culture, and age.
  • Ethics      – Treats people with respect; keeps commitments; inspires the trust of      others; works with integrity and ethically; upholds organizational values.
  • Organizational Support – Follows policies and procedures; supports      organization’s goals and values; completes administrative tasks correctly      and on time.
  • Strategic      Thinking – The ability to analyze the      organization’s competitive position by considering market and industry      trends, existing and potential customers (internal and external), and      strengths and weaknesses as compared to competitors.



  • Adaptability – Adapts to changes in the work      environment; manages competing demands; changes approach or method to best      fit the situation; able to deal with frequent change, delays or unexpected      events.
  • Dependability      – Follows instructions; responds to management direction; takes      responsibility for own actions; completes tasks on time or notifies      appropriate person with an alternate plan.
  • Attendance/Punctuality – Is consistently at work and on      time; ensures work responsibilities are covered when absent.
  • Initiative – Ability to initate actions based on      one own’s intrepretation or understanding of situation.
  • Motivation      – The ability to enhance others’      commitment to their work as well as self.
  • Professionalism – Thinks carefully about the likely effects on others      of one’s words, actions, appearance, and mode of behavior. Selects the      words or actions most likely to have the desired effect on the individual      or group in question.
  • Planning/Organizing – Strong planning and scheduling skills required.      Prioritizes and plans work activities; uses time efficiently; plans for      additional resources; sets goals and objectives; organizes or schedules      other people and their tasks; develops realistic action plans.
  • Quality      – Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness; looks for ways to improve and      promote quality; applies feedback to improve performance; monitors own      work to ensure quality.
  • Innovation – The ability to develop, sponsor, or      support the introduction of new and improved method, products, procedures,      or technologies.
  • Quantity – Produces an appropriate quantity of      work; does not get bogged down in unnecessary detail; able to manage      multiple projects; able to determine project urgency in a meaningful and      practical way.
  • Judgement – Displays willingness to make decisions; exhibits      sound and accurate judgment; supports and explains reasoning for      decisions; includes appropriate people in decision-making process; makes      timely decisions.


The ideal candidate will possess:

Associate’s degree (A.A.) from four-year college or university in business administration management with an emphasis in human resources or related field; or experience equivalent to that normally achieved through 1-3 years progressive experience in financial branch operations. In lieu of an Associates degree, a High School Diploma or GED is required plus 3 years of experience.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. This position requires a high level of confidenatiality, attentiona to detail and ethics.

This position requires occasion local travel, a valid Texas Driver’s License and vehicle are required.


Must be available to work Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:00am –6:00 pm and rotational Saturdays 8:45 am -1:15 pm.


We offer:

  • A fun, fast paced work environment
  • The opportunity to collaborate with the management team and share innovative ideas.
  • One of the strongest compensation programs around
  • Competitive base annual salary
  • Company contributed coverage for medical, dental, vision, disability & life insurance
  • Retirement Plan-401(k) with company match
  • Paid time-off
  • Career development opportunities
  • Attractive incentive plans and more.


Thank you and Happy Un-Banking!

People’s Trust is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer


Click here to apply!



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