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Important Art Exhibit on the African Presence in Renaissance Europe at the Walters Museum in Baltimore


Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe invites visitors to explore the roles of Africans and their descendants in Renaissance Europe as revealed in compelling paintings, drawings, sculpture and printed books of the period. Vivid portraits from life both encourage face-to-face encounters with the individuals themselves and pose questions about the challenges of color, class, and stereotypes that this new diversity brought to Europe. Despite the importance of the questions posed for audiences today, this is the first time they have been addressed in a major exhibition. Organized by the Walters, the exhibition opens in Baltimore on October 14 and at the Princeton University Art Museum in February 2013. It will feature about 75 works of art drawn from the Walters, major museums in the U.S. and Europe, and private collections.


Check it out at Tickets can be purchased at this website


If you are interested in visiting the exhibit on January 6th or 13th, Trinity Adjunct Professor Louisa Woodville will be available to show you the exhibit. It is such a unique opportunity — nothing like this has ever seen the light of day in an American or European art museum.


If interested, please respond with your name and phone number and I will send that information to Professor Woodville.


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