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Loan Servicing and Closing Manager





The Loan and Servicing Manager will lead   the overall management of the Loan Servicing team and a team of 2 commercial   account managers, including an Assistant Manager; an Asset Manager and a   Document Specialist; management and oversight of the closing team, consisting   of a Paralegal. Oversee the Management of the daily servicing operations for   the commercial portfolio through interaction with the Assistant Manager.   Manage the closing process through interaction with the paralegal and other   closing staff.  Identify priorities and projects within the teams to   ensure data quality, attention to detail, efficiency, and timeliness of data,   as well as the delivery of excellent customer service.
Primary liaison to Loan Operations departments, serve as member of the   Operations Coordinating Committee and participate in Operational Impact   Assessments with the assistance of the Assistant Manager, and other various   bank wide projects as required. May approve outgoing wires for new and   existing borrowers. Work with the Assistant Manager to develop account   manager team to service loans efficiently and accurately. Work with the   Closing Team to assure completeness of loan packages, transition of documents   to outside counsel as well as imaging, manage the completion of internal loan   documentation and due diligence.
1. 35% Direct Production: Work with   Assistant Manager and Closing Team to help plan and organizing the allocation   and management of workflow. Proactive decision making requiring focused drive   in a very busy environment. Work with the Assistant Manager and Closing Team   to identify strengths and weaknesses that impact production as well as   problem solving and conflict resolution. May approve loan disbursements,   system file maintenance requests, late fee waiver approvals, review of new   loan setup and loan packages as required and review of new product system   information. Evaluate and monitor effectiveness of system enhancements and   functionality.

2. 25% Quality Assurance:

Prepare and deliver monthly management reports including quarterly management   reports. Monitor operations productivity, accuracy, and compliance via   various reporting formats. Generate and monitor portfolio reports by customer   segment, loan program, lien position, etc. Monitor loan servicing reports for   accuracy and status. Generate exception reports and resolve all exception   items. Produce ad hoc reports and track lending team goals. Manage operation   related projects, enhancements, and change initiatives on behalf of the   commercial loan servicing team.

3. 15% Customer Service:
Serve as primary loan servicing and loan operations contact for lenders, risk   management and accounting operations departments, but may delegate some   responsibilities to the Assistant Manager. Manage and oversee the pipeline of   deals in closing as it relates to work flows and progress for the Closing   Team.  Manage team with a focus to provide excellent service to external   customers, including, but not limited to borrowers, funders, lending   partners, investors, service providers and attorneys.  May participate   in deal team meetings.

4. 15% Staff Development:
Lead through example. Develop effective communications loops from a bottom up   approach –employees to manager and back. Coach and mentor staff via regularly   scheduled one-on-one sessions and on the job learning. Ensure servicing   personnel are cross trained. Assess for skill growth of all team members and   facilitate the training.  Possess understanding of how all team   functions and member actions impact other areas of the company. Meet or   exceed all required benchmarks. Provide Max Plan semi- annual and annual   performance reviews.

5.  10%  Assist with reporting, as required, be familiar with new   programs and be able to communicate to all team members. Assist Investor   Management with gathering data  for completion of reports to outside   entities, as required.  Consistently review process and procedures and   identify opportunities for improvement in efficiency, resource allocation,   using technology and effectiveness.  Participate in management meetings,   as required, to provide feedback through the OIA process regarding reporting   formats, schedules and other issues.

College degree, 5 – 10 years of extensive   operational experience with some focus on loan servicing of commercial loans.   Strong management/leadership skills with proven success in managing multiple   staff.  Extensive knowledge of commercial loan structures for a variety   of transactions, some complex, basic documentation and understanding of   interest/payment calculations. 7+ years of experience in loan servicing with   a focus on loan operations, strong problem solving, analytical ability and   excellent verbal and written communications. Minimum of 3 years experience in   leading a high-functioning and successful team.  Intermediate knowledge   and proficiency using Microsoft Office Suite, particularly, Microsoft Excel,   Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Powerpoint.  Basic understanding of     McCracken, Loan Manager, Fee Tracking, Covenant Tracking, PRISM,    Proficiency and previous use of Salesforce is a plus.

Ellen Stewart | Human Resources | NCB
2011 Crystal Drive | Suite 800 | Arlington, VA 22202
Tel (703) 302-8008 |
NCB refers to National Consumer Cooperative Bank and its subsidiaries (primarily NCB Financial Corporation and its subsidiary, NCB, FSB), its affiliated non-profit corporation, NCB Capital Impact, and also NCB Community Works, LLC, which is jointly owned by NCB Capital Impact. Each is a separate corporation within the NCB Financial Group.

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