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Loan Closer/Paralegal Needed in VA





The Loan Closer and Paralegal coordinates   and assists with the management of  the documentation, closing and   funding of loans originated by Capital Impact, including organizing, saving   and disseminating documents and third party reports to be efficiently   utilized and reviewed by all staff involved in transactions.  Review   attorney prepared loan documents for compliance with terms and draft form   loan documents as appropriate to the situation.  Ensure the integrity   and completeness of all supporting due diligence and post closing follow-up   so that NCB Capital Impact’s position as Lender is sound.
1. CLOSING: Manage and monitor the documentation   process for all loans originated by Capital Impact from time of loan approval   through post-funding – commitment letter review, documentation review and   version management, due diligence and “conditions” management, and final   document review, signing, disbursement and documentation package to servicing   department.  Work with outside counsel on drafting of transaction   documents and in some cases prepare legal documentation using existing form   documents.  Review counsel prepared loan documents to ensure their   conformance with approval terms and conditions, require amendments to ensure   compliance, and seek loan officer’s comments on business issues  Gather   all needed collateral information to process loans .  Ensure adherence   to policies and procedures in the areas of loan documentation, closing,   funding, set-up and post-closing follow through..  Perform such due   diligence as ordering and reviewing title reports, environmental audits,   surveys, insurance, appraisals, flood searches, UCC searches, and organizational   documents .  Assist  with the research and engagement of third   party vendors that are most appropriate to match borrowers. Expedite the loan   closing process through effective written and oral communications with   Borrowers, Loan Officers, Attorneys, and third party vendors . Attend Deal   Team meetings and closing calls as required.  65%

2. POST-CLOSING: Lead post closing reviews to obtain missing or pending items    and manage closing attorney’s adherence to established standards for   collection and submission of closing documents.  Control collection and   payment of closing fees. Proactively communicate with Borrowers, Lenders,   Attorneys and third party vendors in order to meet closing expectations.     25%

3. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: Proactively analyze and recommend changes to   improve policy compliance, workflow, covenant and exception tracking.    Participate in a collaborative team to facilitate efficiency and   accuracy and effective work flow 10%

Bachelor’s Degree and Paralegal   Certification is a must.  5 – 7 years in loan documentation, loan   closings, and real estate administration.  5-10 years commercial and   real estate loan documentation and closing experience, with some experience with   complex transactions
In-depth knowledge systems; strong analytical skills; superior organizational   skills and attention to detail; familiarity with file-sharing systems and   document imaging systems. Knowledge of Loan Accounting Systems. Understanding   the variety of form documents and understanding when they are appropriately   used is essential to this role.  Good customer relations and   communication skills, especially the ability to translate legal requirements.   Ability to collaborate across teams.

Ellen Stewart | Human Resources | NCB
2011 Crystal Drive | Suite 800 | Arlington, VA 22202
Tel (703) 302-8008 |
NCB refers to National Consumer Cooperative Bank and its subsidiaries (primarily NCB Financial Corporation and its subsidiary, NCB, FSB), its affiliated non-profit corporation, NCB Capital Impact, and also NCB Community Works, LLC, which is jointly owned by NCB Capital Impact. Each is a separate corporation within the NCB Financial Group.

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