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Grants and Contracts Manager Position in VA





The Grants and Contracts Manager has the   responsibility for overseeing all grant and contract documentation through   the process of writing, signing and implementation.  Additionally, this   position ensures that all aspects of the agreements are met including the   work required to be completed , any required reporting to third parties, and   that all payments are in accordance to the agreement and are in line with the   agreed-upon budget.  This position works closely with the   business/program side and works closely with grant accounting to make sure   that all funds are accounted for accurately and program budget line items are   managed.  More specifically, this includes:  1) ensuring successful   internal workflow, 2) tracking grants made by organization, 3) obtaining and   maintaining reports from grantees, 4) providing access to grant files for   annual audits, 5) providing evaluation and process compliance,  6)   providing administrative and project support as assigned, 7) reviewing,   processing and approving requests for reimbursement per contract or subgrant   documents, 8) tracking actual expenditures to approved budget by line item,   and 9) working with business leads to develop, finalize and get signed all contracts   related to the business.
1. Coordinate all stages of the progress of   grant and contract administration from initial receipt to completion of   projects and release of final payment, using a grants management database   along with other computerized and manual systems.  Specifically, this   includes:
a) Coordinate new funding award documentation and project team meetings to   share/discuss requirements of grant with the NCB Capital Impact   grant/contract recipient. 5%
b) Manage all Grant and Contract award reporting, including review and   verification of documentation for “effort” reporting and all other changes to   awards, and serve as liaison for budget modifications, communicating other   major changes in scope of activity, negotiation of award terms & conditions   in conjunction with Legal, and A-133 and Agency audits. Monitor and process   invoices for all sub-awards or subcontracts made by NCB Capital Impact to   other organizations.  Maintain and update all NCB Capital Impact online   accounts for awards compliance, reporting, and reimbursement. 25%
c) Develop procedure for and manage drawdown requests for grant/contract   reimbursement and verify that all requests match charges in the general   ledger and are properly documented.  Undertake periodic “budget to   actual” report reviews for all open awards and address any questions or   variances with project/budget leads and the Finance team.  Coordinate   review of all timesheets for accuracy with Corporate Finance.  Review   all financial reports, coordinating with Finance, to insure reports are   accurate prior to submission.  Manage signature process for reports   requiring the Controller’s approval. 25%
d) Perform closeout procedures for each grant and contract and ensure   appropriate filing, storage, and retention of completed grant/contract   documentation. 5%

2. Assist in the grant/contract proposal development process, by reviewing   all grant proposals to ensure that all requested line items meet NCB Capital   Impact and grant and contract requirements (e.g., allowability, allocability,   reasonableness and accuracy of cost match(es), program income issues). 20%

3. Monitor changes in OMB Circulars, grant and contract compliance, and keep   NCB Capital Impact staff informed of updated information, and train new grant   recipients (Project Leads, Budget Leads, key staff) on compliance issues for   proper grant and contract management. 10%

4. Provide administrative and project support to Corporate Initiatives team   as needed.  10%

College Degree, Advanced knowledge and use   of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access,   Lotus Notes, Central Desktop and a strong technological aptitude and /or   interest to learn new technologies and database/management systems.  We   will be moving to a platform so knowledge of the system and   involvement in conversion would be helpful.
§  Ability to develop, manage and execute projects on schedule and to   work on tight deadlines as needed.
§  Demonstrated ability to quickly master and manage complicated,   multi-step systems and processes.
§  Familiarity with grant/contract management process.
§  Non-profit experience a plus.
§  Financial background a plus.

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