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On the eve of this election…


As I watched CNN coverage of the election, which spanned from those struggling with power outages in New Jersey to those being accused of disenfranchising millions of potential voters in Ohio, I was struck once again by the fragility of our citizenship. We have thousands who stood in line for hours to vote early, and apparently millions who aren’t compelled to go at all. What is this all about?

Many years ago, when I first entered Howard’s Law School, I walked down a long hallway filled with sepia colored pictures. They were photos of the graduating classes that came before me. Hundreds of men and women who dared to become lawyers and had the audacity to learn about the Bill of Rights when they knew that they would not enjoy those ‘inalienable’ rights in their lifetime. They sacrificed for that knowledge. They sacrificed so that we would enjoy those rights.

And yet, here we stand on the eve of another election, with people still debating whether or not they should bother to vote. There is no duty of citizenship more sacred, more monumental, than voting. It is the fundamental fabric of our democracy that, no matter who you vote for, you stand for your fellow Americans. We all have a say. The republic is nothing without all of us. Your vote counts. Please reach inside yourself and cast a vote on Tuesday.

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