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2012/2013 Internships Available


2012/2013 Internships Available


TGG is a global network for women and our mission is women helping women in all aspects of life.  We are nearing 1,000 members around the world and growing quickly.

In lieu of salary, the intern will attend all TGG events free of charge as well as get into all outside events for free.  I expect the person to be very outgoing, not afraid to introduce themselves at events and meetings and can basically be my right hand!  I’m in search of a marketing/event planning, unpaid intern with above average to strong social media channel skills. That includes Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and event planning tools like Eventbrite and Guest List.  They should be interested in helping me strengthen our infrastructure and put policies, procedures and programs in place.  Heavy administrative duties like returning calls, responding to emails, sifting through my invitations and submitting RSVP’s.  Updating our Ning website is going to be a big part of the job as well.  I will train, provide coaching and guidance to make sure they can hit the ground running quickly and effectively.

Looking for someone to start immediately and it can be virtual as long as they have a computer and cell phone.  Skype meetings twice a week are mandatory.

Contact Info: Vanessa Maddox | ph: 703-589-7999 | e-mail:



The GI Film Festival has unpaid internships available in the communications and operations departments

Contact Info: D’Ann Long | ph: 1800-928-6307 ext 108 | e-mail:

Twitter: @gifilm


Gryphn is focused on delivering innovative solutions to protect your privacy in an increasingly mobile world. The greatest threat in your mobile world comes from how we use our mobile devices; how we want to use our mobile devices; and the very nature of how our mobile devices were designed. Our smart phones were designed to make it convenient to do all of those “smart” things we were sold on when buying our smart phones while also making it simple to-do a lot of really “silly” things both intentionally and unintentionally. Our debut product is ArmorText, which is a secure text messaging app.

We are looking for a number of unpaid interns in various positions. These positions can be done virtually and on-site, depending on the tasks at hand and which position. Please check out our website Careers at GRYPHN

 Contact Info: Lauren L O’Leary | ph: 843.384.0367| e-mail:



Intern program in DC and would be happy to consider several of your students for positions. Please check out our website Careers at American Action Forum

 Contact Info: Sarah Shook| e-mail:


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