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NCB Capital Impact has openings in California




The purpose of this position is to analyze   new exposures to existing and new borrowers as assigned. The candidate for   the Loan Associate position should have previous basic financial analysis and   some transaction underwriting experience, with formal and informal credit   training and exposure to different types of deals and markets.  The Loan   Associate will gain sufficient credit and market experience to anticipate   what the questions and risks are that need to be solved for and result in an   appropriately structured transaction.  Prior experience working with or   underwriting a mix of for profit and not-for-profit businesses, particularly   charter schools, community health centers, retail grocers and affordable   housing organizations will be helpful but not necessary.
NCB Capital Impact’s markets and mission   are unique in the level of patience and assistance borrowers may need in   understanding the technicalities and requirements of borrowing. Passion for   the organization’s mission and flexibility, combined with traditional   financial analysis experience, will be needed to carry out the key tasks and   responsibilities of this position.  Since this position does not require   a high degree of prior underwriting experience, Loan Associates will be   provided with significant training and mentoring opportunities to help   develop their skills.

1. New Loan Analysis (40%):  Loan Associate will be proficient, or   become proficient, in spreading financial statements in Moody’s, developing   financial projections, and effectively communicating, in both written and   verbal format, the assumptions and result of the analysis of financial   performance, condition, cash flow and ability to repay per the loan terms.    The Loan Associate, through some assistance and guidance, will also be   able to identify loan risks and mitigants, evaluate borrower management,   describe the scope of the project and its collateral.  The Loan   Associate should be able to accompany senior staff on site visits, be   involved in borrower discussions, and attend appropriate conferences to   become knowledgeable in the markets in which NCB Capital Impact lends.

2. Current Customer Reviews (40%):  Loan Associate should understand the   NCB Capital Impact risk rating system and be able to, with some assistance as   required, be able to complete annual loan reviews.  Thorough reviews   require knowledge of the market segment, awareness of local political and   economic environment, discussions with borrower, and regular calls/follow-ups   with the borrower throughout the year.

3. Covenant   Testing (10%):  Loan Associate will be responsible for evaluating   borrower compliance with financial covenants set forth in loan documents on a   quarterly and/or annual basis.  To do this, the Loan Associate will need   to understand the technicalities of calculating compliance and the   significance of compliance or non-compliance.

4. Customer   Interaction and Reporting (5%):  Loan Associate will interact with   customers to effectively communicate the needs of NCB Capital Impact and   answer the questions of the borrower.  The Loan Associate will need to   be able to document calls, amendments, etc. in the Lotus Notes system and   make sure that servicers receive appropriate information for covenant   tracking, etc.

5. Strategic   and tactical planning (5%).  Participate in and contribute to strategic   and tactical planning for NCB Capital Impact’s market sectors.

A bachelor’s degree in a business related   field (accounting, finance, etc.), a working knowledge of computer business   applications (word processing and spreadsheet), and an affinity for NCB   Capital Impact’s mission and markets. 3-5 years of relevant hands-on
experience in credit underwriting, particularly in a CDFI setting, a plus,   but not necessary.

Ellen Stewart | Human Resources | NCB
2011 Crystal Drive | Suite 800 | Arlington, VA 22202
Tel (703) 302-8008 |

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