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Interested in a cool internship with the Smithsonian? Check these opportunities out.


Please take a look at the opportunities below. If you are interested in applying for one, send your resume to the contact at the end of the email. Good luck!

National Museum of American History (NMAH) Fall Intern Requests:

  1. Alison Oswald, Archivist: The Archives Center is still looking for a candidate that can assist us with scanning projects as they relate to the American Enterprise Exhibit. 
  2. Karen Lee, Project Specialist in Curatorial Affairs: I’d like to have a fall intern to work on a digitization/collections project with the numismatic collection.
  3. Joan Boudreau, Curator, Culture & Arts of Cultural Affairs: Interns learn and employ NMAH accountability and physical care standards and requirements, including methods of acquisition, paperwork and procedures, preservation and storage for newly acquired objects. Interns will also be involved with older collections, re-housing prints and 3-dimensional objects, updating records and entering data into the Museum’s collection database, and photography of collections. In order to catalogue objects the intern will assist staff with research relating to international prints (15th – 21st century), printing plates, blocks, tools and equipment, papermaking, bookbinding, printing for the blind, newspapers, and/or books.

Preferred schedule is four 6-hour days (10am-4pm) per week for a three month period.

  1. Laura Duff, Public Affairs: 2 Public Affairs interns
  2. Steve Velasquez, Associate Curator, Home, Community and Life of Curatorial Affairs: a collections management intern to help with moving collections and recording locations.
  3. Tim Winkle, Associate Curator, Home, Community and Life of Curatorial Affairs: I’m interested in considering an intern for the fall to help with the preparation for a possible travelling exhibition.  Some if not most of the work will be offsite at one of the storage facilities.  If you like, I can provide you with a summary of duties, but essentially it is basic collections management (object marking, cataloging, records) and likely some photography and research as well.  An undergrad with some museum experience would probably be the baseline I would be looking for, but even a graduate student might find the experience useful.
  4. Janice Ellis, Senior Paper Conservator: 2 interns for The Peters Prints project
  5. Lisa Kathleen Graddy, Deputy Chair of the Political History Division of Curatorial Affairs (*possible: already has one and waiting to hear from someone she contacted): I’m looking for two interns (preferably with an interest in women’s history) to work on projects including researching, cataloging, and housing a large collection of ERA related material recently acquired by the division. Collections and research work in support of a planned women’s history exhibition and collections projects. General division collections management and exhibition work. 

Omar A. Eaton-Martínez, M.Ed.

Intern & Fellows Program Manager

Smithsonian Institution

National Museum of American History

14th St. & Constitution Ave., NW

MRC 605 P.O. Box 37012

Washington DC 20013-7012

Room 5303


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