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History Buff? Check out Rock Creek Park’s Monthly Civil War Roundtable Meeting on September 8th


We would be grateful if you passed along information to students and faculty about Rock Creek Park’s monthly Civil War Round Table Meeting.

Perhaps you could promote the program as an extra credit opportunity? We are reaching out to you with the goal of getting more students interested in the Civil War in Washington DC. Many area residents don’t know that the nation’s capital was attacked by the Confederacy in 1864, that most of the trees in Rock Creek Park were hacked down during the Civil War, or that Walt Whitman volunteered on the National Mall during the Civil War. These stories and more are discussed during our Round Table meetings. For our Civil War programs in September, please see the attached document. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can of any assistance to you.

Thank you very much.




Scott Einberger

Volunteer Program Coordinator & Interpretive Park Ranger Rock Creek Park National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior


5200 Glover Road NW

Washington, DC

Office: 202-895-6227


“The lesson of human kindness and decency, unmotivated by anything but good nature and goodwill, is the lesson I most value.” — Wallace Stegner


for more information: Elizabeth Thomas and Battle of Fort Stevens Programs

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