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Important Information about the Federal Career Internship (STEP, SCEP) Program


Effective July 2012, the government’s popular federal internship program is now known as The Internship Program under the new Federal Pathways Program.  According to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), The Internship Program is for current students and it replaces the previously known Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) and Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP).  While this new federal program has been re-designed, it is important to note that it is largely modeled after the previous SCEP program and as a result will have similar characteristics.


Due to the increase of internship approval requests over the past few weeks, the Office of Career Services has created a page on our website for students regarding our protocol and process. As a result, should you encounter a student in need of an internship approval (in-person, e-mail, or by phone), please direct them to our website first for specific directions followed by an invitation to send me an email with questions they may have afterwards. It is our hope that this information (available publicly) will cut down the number of last minute incidents.


At most, it provides a visual resource concerning the proper steps to follow and advises students against the expectation of an instant approval process. As many of you know, our office serves as the university’s approving official for all internships. To that end, any assistance you can provide our students with regarding our protocol is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to share this information with additional colleagues, as you see fit.


For additional information and a list of requirements for Trinity students, please visit:

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