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Grant Accounting Manager needed in Crystal City, VA





The Grant Accounting Manager will manage the day to day processing of grant & contract-related transactions, operational grant accounting & reporting, invoicing and coordination with the project and grant management teams.  This role will also ensure the proper daily and technical accounting for all grant & contract activity. This role will be responsible with working with internal & external parties to develop internal procedures & processes and other interactions with outside entities.  The Grant Accounting Manager will be responsible for working with the Grant Accountant to ensure accurate & timely compliance with grantors, contractors, lending agencies and various federal, state and local regulations and laws. This role will manage the preparation of internal and external financial, budgetary and accounting reports of considerable complexity.

All of these functions require independent judgment and initiative, technical accounting of grants & contracts and extensive knowledge of the organization and individual grants & contracts.  

1. 30% Manage pre and post-award administration of grants and contracts; financial reporting and financial record maintenance; preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports.  Cash management of all grants and contracts including preparation of both electronic draw-downs and hard-copy requests of funds from grantor agencies.  Assist in establishing and mainstreaming overhead/indirect cost rates for new grants; evaluate existing overhead/indirect rates for profitability for existing grants; develop, create and maintain internal reports for Program Managers. Develop, implement and maintain financial policies and procedures for grants and contracts to ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state and local agency guidelines and regulations.                                                

2. 30% Ensure proper & timely accounting and recording of all grant & contract-related activity.  Interpret external guidelines, review grant expenses, educate Program Managers on allowable expenditures and work with each manager to ensure that grant funds are expended in compliance with federal, state and local grantor agency regulations; responsible for budgetary control of grants and contracts and proper expense classification based on grantor guidelines.  Interact with outside agencies, internal and independent auditors (including grant audits) and financial monitors; serves as contact for grant and contract managers.

3. 25% Provide support to include financial analysis, performance management, program/grant/contract profitability and other accounting information to Program Managers, teams and the Grant Accountant.  Manage the development/enhancement of grant tracking/management system.

4. 10% Assists in annual audit and annual budget development for grants and contracts.  Assist with preparation of audit schedules, financial statements and statistical data related to the annual audit and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).  Ensure financial records are in compliance with the “Single Audit” section of financial statements and prepared in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and OMB Circular A-133.   Act as the resource person and focal point for grants and contracts during original or revised budget development.  Analyze and provide feedback to Controller as to the achievability of proposed grant and contract budgets.

5. 5% Leadership and development of Grant Accountant to include skills enhancement, innovation, planning for external training and development, addressing business problems and supporting the grant accountant’s efforts to be a strong financial steward within the organization.

Bachelors Degree in Accounting, CPA preferred; minimum of 7 years hands-on relevant grant management experience. The ideal candidate should possess aptitude in the following areas:  knowledge of fund and grant accounting, knowledge of GAAP and current accounting principles including GASB pronouncements, FASB pronouncements and the Annual Financial Reporting Requirements, knowledge of general indirect cost recovery principles and cost accounting best practices, knowledge of financial analysis techniques for assessing the financial condition of all ongoing grants and contracts, knowledge of reconciliation procedures with the ability to reconcile accounts, knowledge of problem-solving techniques for identifying problems, researching and determining the most appropriate course of action for their resolution, knowledge of effective communication & customer service techniques with the ability to present one’s self and the organization in a positive and professional manner, knowledge of time management techniques with the ability to organize, schedule, assign, delegate, coordinate, and monitor the work to accomplish the most possible in the time available, knowledge of business English, spelling and punctuation, and effective letter writing practices, excellent oral and written communication skills to support effective interaction with various levels of the organization and other outside parties and  intermediate proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suite applications. Must be able to  apply general accounting principles to analyze financial information and prepare financial reports, and adhere to deadlines, and work independently and make independent judgments.  All candidate submissions must include a cover letter with your resume.

Ellen Stewart | Human Resources | NCB
2011 Crystal Drive | Suite 800 | Arlington, VA 22202

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