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Green Trinity Information


Dear Students –


I hope you noticed the “Green Trinity” sign in the Trinity Room.  Trinity is going GREEN!!!! 


Read more about the initiative here:  Green Trinity!


What does going GREEN mean?  Trinity students will now complete many tasks online.  These tasks include:

  • Accepting/Declining financial aid awards
  • Changes to refund check distribution
  • Making payment arrangements
  • Obtaining and using book vouchers – eventually, you will be able use book vouchers online to purchase books from the Trinity Bookstore


Why is this considered Green? Because it saves trees (paper), gas (no more driving to campus), time (no more lines), and money!


What does going Green mean for students?  Utilizing Trinity’s online resources is no longer optional.  It is required. 

The Enrollment Services Office will discontinue the mailing of paper documents to students for 2012-2013 Financial Aid information (i.e. award letters.)

Students will be expected to obtain their Financial Aid information from Self-Service/Trinity email.

Students will be expected to complete financial aid tasks in Self-Service.


In order to take care of the “business of being a college student”, you must utilize Self-Service and check your email frequently.


Over the summer, we will have training sessions/online training available to assist students with this transition.  In addition, you will receive emails from Dean Brooks, Enrollment Services, and myself that will give more information about this process.  Enrollment Services has already sent emails to students about the upcoming changes, please make sure that you read them!


Please make sure that you check your email frequently so that you will have the information that you need to go GREEN!


Thank you!


Candice M. Washington

Director of Community Learning Programs

Trinity at THEARC


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