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Apply today for paid summer federal internships!!


Hello again!


The Washington Center would like to again remind our colleagues that we are currently accepting applications for the Competitive Government Program. Interested students should apply by March 1, 2012 for paid internship opportunities with a wide range of federal agencies this summer.


Included within this email is some additional background information regarding the program, as well as the link to a recorded Online Information Session–which is an excellent resource for students considering application. The session can be viewed on TWC’s website<>.


Once again, students selected for positions available through the Competitive Government Program will intern for 10 weeks at offices within the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, Environmental Protection Agency, Internal Revenue Service , or a similar agency. Positions may be available in Washington, D.C. and several regional locations. Participants will also take part in academic programming provided by TWC. More information about agencies and programmatic elements is available through the recorded session!


Many available positions call for candidates from the fields of business, human resources, computer science, mathematics, statistics, and engineering, so applications from students pursuing these majors are welcomed. Additionally, TWC encourages students from many diverse backgrounds to apply–including women, minorities and students with disabilities.


Accepted interns will receive significant financial assistance, including a stipend, fully-furnished housing, and a travel allowance. Students will not be responsible for housing, program, or application fees.


For more information on the Competitive Government Program please visit:<>




Applicants must:

– have U.S. citizenship (not flexible);

– be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program* with a GPA of 2.75 (not flexible) or above;

– obtain approval from their campus liaison (if attending through an affiliated institution) or campus sponsor (if pursuing credit at an unaffiliated institution);

– be available for a ten-week period beginning May 23, 2012 (summer term);

– demonstrate experience and/or a strong interest in working for the federal government.

*some agencies may welcome post-degree students


How to Apply


Students can submit an application at <> . The application is fairly straightforward–composed of an online form as well as a number of supplemental documents. When prompted, students should select option 2 for the Competitive Government Program. They are encouraged to select more than one agency from among the choices listed, as similar positions may be available in multiple agencies.


Securing academic credit is encouraged (but not required) for undergraduates to be considered for the Competitive Government Program during the summer. Students who come from an affiliated university should contact their campus liaison, regardless of their intentions regarding credit. If interested in receiving credit, students from unaffiliated colleges or universities must find a campus sponsor to endorse their application.


There is no application fee for the Competitive Government Program. If a student is asked to submit a $60 application fee, he or she has selected an incorrect program option.




Students are encouraged to submit their applications by our deadline of March 1, 2012. It’s not a problem if supplemental documents (i.e. letters of recommendation or transcripts) arrive after that date.


Selection Process


The Competitive Government Program is highly selective, and placements are filled as they become available. As decisions are made by individual agencies, timetables may vary. For many opportunities, students may wait until close to the summer start date before hearing about any official offers or positions being filled.


If, at any point, a student has already accepted another internship or job opportunity and would like to withdraw his or her application, he or she is encouraged to notify The Washington Center. Further, if you or your students have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for your time.




Reid Jackson May

Program Coordinator, Institutional Relations Direct Number: (202) 238-7702




Special thanks to Dr. Stanley Nwoji for sending this email.

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