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Introducing the new Health Science degree in SPS (Program Begins in Fall 2012)


Trinity’s new Bachelor of Science in Health Science has two tracks: pre-physical therapy and health and fitness. The health and fitness track prepares students for careers as coaches or fitness trainers in the wellness, lifestyle and fitness arenas. Students interested in careers as physical therapists or in other areas of rehabilitation services will also find this degree useful. This degree will officially launch in Fall 2012, however, courses are being offered in Term 2 (starting next month) for students who want to explore health science as an elective or potential program.


The courses are:

EXSC 321/Lecture/1 – Health & Wellness Programming | Credits 3.000
The course focuses on methods of planning, implementing, and evaluating exercise and wellness programming. Topics include needs assessments, marketing strategies, financial resources, space allocations, and programmatic outcome assessments. 3 credits Prerequisites: None

EXSC 200/Lecture/1 – Personal Fitness | Credits 3.000
This personal fitness class gives students the opportunity to learn and evaluate personal health strategies and decision-making. The course addresses lifestyle choices as they relate to nutrition, fitness, stress management, sexual health, substance abuse, and disease prevention. Participants discuss strategies leading to behavioral changes for improved quality of life. 3 credits Prerequisites: None

Click here for both of  the Academic Plans: Health Science Health & Fitness 2012-2013 and/or

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