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FEMA (federal Emergency Management Agency) Openings. Apply now!


Special thanks to Professor Tracey Batacan for sending us these career opportunities.

Below you will find a list of current FEMA Career Opportunities and they are also available on   

Current FEMA Career Opportunities:

      Supervisory IT INFOSEC Specialist, close date  2/27/12

      FEMA Intergovernmental Affairs Specialist, close date 2/29/12

      Budget Analyst, close date 2/15/12

      Federal Coordinating Officer, close date 2/29/12

      Public Affairs Specialist (Mitigation), close date 2/27/12

      Program Specialist, close date 2/21/12

      Fuel Distribution System worker, close date 2/21/12

      Lead Workforce Specialist, close date 2/20/12

      Inventory Management Specialist, close date 2/28/12

      Public Assistance Closeout Specialist, close date 2/22/12

      Response Division Director(PA), close date 2/28/12

      Financial Management Specialist, close date 2/20/12

      Acquisition Business Specialist, close date 2/16/12

      Recovery Division Director(TX), close date 2/16/12

      Program Specialist, close date 2/16/12

      Program Analyst, close date 2/20/12

      More FEMA Job openings


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