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Student Internship Position


Sent: Thursday, February 9, 2012 11:37 AM
Subject: Student Internship position – Deadline is March 2nd.


The Workforce Management Branch assists senior managers in the areas of workforce planning, competency development, and employment outreach to enhance overall organizational capability and talent development, by: developing the Institute’s workforce plan and developing and implementing strategies and interventions to insure that the Institute has a staff with the necessary competencies to achieve NIAID’s  mission and goals.




Workforce Planning and Analysis Team

Receives training with regard to strategic human capital planning, to include developing annual and long-range NIAID workforce plans and related business and operational planning documents for integration with the overall NIAID strategic planning process.


In support of more senior level specialists, researches and compiles data regarding human capital utilization.  Such data is used in analysis of current competencies versus required skills/skill gaps, cost-comparison of administrative restructuring or consolidation initiatives, etc.


Works as a team member on portions of projects involving the expected impact of changes in the size and type of the workforce, skills sets, reorganizations or other changes in program direction and other complex situations that require an understanding of NIAID’s research programs and initiatives. Provides support to senior level specialists/Team Leader in gathering information used to advise senior level management on the distribution of work among positions, recruitment and retention strategies, and the appropriate staffing levels and skills mix.           


Receives training and assists senior level specialists/Team Leader in developing workforce planning tools, including succession planning, identification of competencies, recruitment strategies, skill gap analysis, and employee recruitment and retention trends.  Collects workforce data and makes suggestions on where gaps may exist between the present workforce and future organizational requirements.   Assists in reviewing proposed reorganizations  and receives training on assessing potential workforce issues.


Receives training and assists in developing portions of workforce planning documents that identify workforce skills vital to the accomplishment of the Institute’s  goals and objectives and that address issues such as recruitment, training, and retention strategies to ensure a quality and diverse workforce, expected skill imbalances due to attrition, and retirements. May contact other NIAID offices such as the Budget and Financial Management Branch and the Strategic Planning and Evaluation Branch for coordination and collegial knowledge sharing.       


Participates on teams and task groups on special projects of concern to senior management with particular emphasis on workforce issues, especially those related to assessment and planning activities. Participates with more senior specialists in developing or recommending standard operating procedures leading to the accomplishment of accurate and effective assessments of workforce needs. Assists in developing and writing draft portions of reports, decisions, contracts or other action documents that provide information on maintaining an effective workforce for the Institute.


To apply email resume and cover letter to Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, a US citizen and (must be a student enrolled in Fall 2012 classes; can be a master student).  The applicant must have the ability to working 20 hours a week in the office located in Bethesda, MD.



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