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Deputy United States Marsals’ Exam Announcement


The Deputy U.S. Marshall Competitive Exam

March 5, 2012

United States Marshals Service-Put A Star in Your Future-Be A deputy U.S. Marshal

The United States Marshals Service (USMS) is the Nation’s oldest and most versatile federal law enforcement agency. Federal Marshals have served the country since 1789. They are responsible for: 

 Protection of the federal judiciary

 Transportation of federal prisoners

Execution of civil and criminal processes

Apprehension of more than half of all federal fugitives

Operation of the Witness Security Program

Enforcement of court orders and Attorney General orders involving civil disturbances and acts of terrorism

Seizure of property acquired by criminals through illegal activities

Applications for the DUSM position will be submitted via the USAJOBS website at

The announcement will open on March 5, 2012, and it will remain open for 5 days OR until 5000 applications have been received.

All applicants
will be required to submit a resume detailing their experience. Other documents to be submitted include: College transcripts (if applicable); DD-214 (Member 4 copy, if applicable); Veteran’s Preference letter (if applicable). All supporting documents MUST be downloaded and received at the time of application.

All applicants are encouraged to create a USAJOBS account and build a resume prior to the date of announcement.

Documents submitted after the announcement closes WILL NOT be accepted.


If you are (1) a U.S. Citizen; (2) between the ages of 21 and 37; (3) in possession of a valid driver’s license; (4) in excellent medical and physical condition; and (5) willing to submit to a background investigation; you may be eligible to become a Deputy U.S. Marshal.

*Age waivers may be considered for preference eligible veterans or current/prior federal civilian law enforcement personnel who have surpassed their 37th birthday.


For more information about the Deputy U.S. Marshal position, visit the United States Marshals Service website at
www.usmarshals.govand view our Career Opportunities webpage.

* The United States Marshals Service provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities and is an equal opportunity employer.


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