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Winter and/or Spring Internship Opportunities for Students


Team Fairfax-

As always, the Fairfax County Republican Committee has seasonal internship opportunities for middle school, high school, and college students. Below is some information about our program.  We need to have the strongest ground game possible in order to best support our party’s nominees so please consider forwarding this to any contacts you have or responding with potential leads for me to follow up on.
Thank you!

The Fairfax County Republican Committee is currently searching for students interested in learning more about campaigning and effective public communications. Student interns will gain invaluable knowledge about the democratic process and work to become adept communicators through hands on experience with elected officials, candidates, and the general public. 

These internship opportunities for this Winter and Spring are open to any student. Hours are flexible, but students must be able to commit to at least 5 hours per week. 

The 2012 Election Cycle promises to be action packed with the Presidential elections, one US Senate seat, and 11 US Congressional seats undergoing elections. 

Eligible students will be provided with academic credit or service hours. While these positions are unpaid, they will provide political opportunities not available elsewhere and upon completion of the program, a letter of recommendation to a future employer or college will be provided. 

 Interns will be expected to assist the Fairfax County Republican Committee with:

* Office Management
* Fundraising and Research
* Data Entry
* Outreach Activities

* Voter Contacts
* Interaction with Campaigns
* Grassroots Organization

* Event Planning

* Membership Recruitment

We look forward to your interest. If you have any further questions, please contact 703-766-4467 or e-mail

Susan Falconer
Executive Director

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