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The Winter 2012 Term is almost here!


Winter 2012 will last from Tuesday, January 3rd thru Saturday, January 7th. All classes will be held from 9am to 5pm. This is a fast and intense way to earn an extra three (3) credits and you should purchase your books now and read them BEFORE the course begins to maximize your learning. The booklist is below for easy access and the Trinity Barnes & Noble Bookstore has the books ready for you.


Academic Year Academic Term Academic Session Course Id Course Medium Name Course Status First Name Last Name Text Author Publisher ISBN
2012 Winter TERM ADMN 667 Current Topics in OD: Comparative Global Management Practices   Stanley Nwoji Global Comparative Management: A Functional Approach Edfelt, Ralph B  SAGE publications 9781412944700
2012 Winter TERM BADM 326 Developing Leadership: Competencies for 21st Century Organizations   Diana Watts Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience Hughes, R.L., Ginnett, R.C., & Curphy G. J McGraw Hill 9780078112652
2012 Winter TERM BADM 697 Ethics & Social Responsibility   Edgar Noumair Business and Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management 8 ed. Caroll, Archie B., Buchholitz, Ann K. Cengage Learning  9780538453165 
2012 Winter TERM COM 415 Conflict in the workplace   Jamey Piland Interpersonal Conflict William Wilmot and Joyce Hocker McGraw-Hill 9780073385136   
2012 Winter TERM COM 680 Topics in Mass Comm: Crisis Communication   Holly Harrington Crisis Communication, 4th Ed Fearn-Banks, Kathleen Routledge/Taylor Francis 9780415880596
2012 Winter TERM CRJ 388 International & Domestic Terrorism   Mark Jones Terrorism and Homeland Security 11th ed. White, Jonathan Wadsworth 9780495913368   
2012 Winter TERM ENGL 374 Films of Spike Lee   Lori Sphunt Fight the Power Hamlet & Coleman Peter Lang Publishing 9781433102363
2012 Winter TERM ISS 610 Contemporary Counterterrorism   John Davis Towards a Grand Strategy Against Terrorism Christopher Harmon McGraw Hill 9780073527796   
2012 Winter TERM ISS 610 Contemporary Counterterrorism   John Davis Counterterrorism and Insurgency in the 21st Century : International Perspectives, Volume 3: Lessons from the Fight against Terrorism James J.F Forest Greenwood Publishing 9780275990374   
2012 Winter TERM PSYC 365 Seminar on Human Sexuality   Renee Clarke Human Sexuality Today 6th Ed. King Prentice Hall 9780136042457   
2012 Winter TERM RST 290 Religions of the World   Joseph Jensen The World’s Religions Houston Smith Harper Collins  9780061660184
2012 Winter TERM RST 290 Religions of the World   Glenn Zuber The World’s Religions Houston Smith Harper Collins  9780061660184



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