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Interested in Microenterprise? Check out this cool internship


I wanted to take a moment to announce a new initiative called Lend for America ( which was launched by a collective of student-powered microenterprise organizations, the Campus Microfinance Alliance. FIELD has partnered with Campus MFI to offer summer internships for university students committed to bringing microenterprise to their local campus communities. You can read about the interesting work being done around the country by these organizations by visiting the Lend for America website.  And, if you know of university students interested in this internship opportunity, they can apply online or attend a virtual information session on December 16th:

We at FIELD have been observing the development and working with several of these groups over the past several years and look forward to seeing how they continue to evolve. To read more about our work in this area visit us at


Elaine L. Edgcomb

Director, FIELD

The Aspen Institute

One Dupont Circle, NW

Suite 700

Washington, D.C. 20037

Ph/Fx: 732-452-0143


Advancing microenterprise through knowledge and innovation

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