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HOLD THE DATE: Strategies for Understanding and Navigating the Recession


“Strategies for Understanding and Navigating the Recession” will be held on Friday, November 11th from 1pm to 4pm (Veteran’s Day) in O’Connor Auditorium and assorted classrooms.

This event is being hosted by the Trinity School of Professional Studies to both educate and inform participants about the current economic recessions. Participants will be educated about the causes and effects of the recession and receive valuable strategies and tips about how to recover and prosper in their investments, homeownership, savings, and employment. Panelists and speakers will also talk about the global impact of this crisis and the relationships of global economies on US financial and economic health, the social unrest that has resulted, and how the media’s messaging of the events has impacted our understanding of the crisis. If you are not sure how it all happened, or need strategies on how to recover from the recession, this event is for you.


Workshops will be held on the following topics:

1.Investment Management in a Volatile Financial Environment

2.Social Unrest: The Criminalization of Protests by the Underclass

3.Strategies for Staying Afloat When Your Mortgage Is Underwater

4.The Global Financial Crisis- Causes & Remedies

5.Unemployment- Causes & Remedies

6.Messaging the Crisis

Hold the date! Please RSVP by clicking here:

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